“Make It Reign” sets up the final elements that will close out Season 3. Selena and her crew are ready to make New Krypton with their reborn Reign, J’onn and M’yrnn prepare to say goodbye, and ramifications from past episodes are explored in the DEO and by Sam.

Witchy Women

MOS 63 - WitchSelena and her two witchy sisters are feeling out their newfound powers and come across Coville who is willing to help them set up their dark ceremony to recreate Reign. He is the only one who can hold the black stone as Reign is made new in the fires. It seems that she is only 1/3 baked as she’s missing the blood of Purity and Pestilence but luckily Coville knows where they can find it. The sisters go and start smashing up the DEO in search of the blood. After learning of Selena’s true plan on Argo and learning of an amazingly similar trans-portal thingy we’ve seen before Kara, Mon-El, and Alura come to Earth to try to stop the sisters. Kara thinks she’s destroyed the blood but Selena has caught all she needs in her hand. Back at the Fortress she mixes the blood with the goo in the fire and out comes Reign! Reign’s new mission is to use the Sword of Juru and terraform the Earth so that New Krypton can be born. Supergirl flies out of the DEO for the battle of Earth!

The Reach

MOS 63 ReachJ’onn and M’yrnn come to Alex so M’yrnn can say his goodbye to her. He reminds her that home is where you are loved and honored and that she has given him the gift of her love for J’onn. M’yrnn and J’onn leave to perform The Reach where M’yrnn will transfer all of his knowledge and memories to J’onn for him to have forever. J’onn is terribly sad and wishes he had more time with his father. As they perform their ritual it is a journey through recent memories, the terrible Martian war, J’onn’s birth (which caused M’yrnn to start living and lift his head from the Scriptures) and M’yrnn hopes that through this difficult process that he has taught J’onn balance in all things. As Reign starts wrecking Earth, M’yrnn has a plan to bond with the Earth itself and bring about its healing.

The Strength of Sam

Ruby wakes Sam up and tells her that she notices Sam is sick and to please not try to tell her that everything is fine. Sam agrees that she is not feeling well, that they need to go to Lena and Alex for help, and that she will not keep anything from Ruby anymore. Alex and Ruby are not figuring out why Sam is still not better because her Kryptonian cells are still in play with her human ones. They try to “supercharge” her with yellow sun lamps but that doesn’t work either. Lena postulates that maybe the black stone can be synthesized to create a solution and in the process she and Eve figure out that Reign is back again and that she and Sam are still connected. As Reign gets stronger Sam will get weaker and eventually die. Alura tells of a fountain that can give Sam the strength she needs but it’s only accessible in the dark world where she would go when Reign took her over. She agrees to go back there if it will save the world and her daughter. She is electric shocked back to the dark world and we hear her attacked from unseen forces as she stumbles her way through the forest.MOS 63 - Sam

Winn’s Fall from Grace

MOS 63 WinnWinn goes to Agent Demos to show off his latest nonlethal tech in the form of a personal force field driven by a special belt buckle. He is mighty proud of his creation and leaves one with Demos. When the sisters come to get the blood of Purity and Pestilence from the DEO Demos is the one to get it. As he comes back to the main DEO work area the sisters are waiting for him. He uses his new force field but is hit with three simultaneous Kryptonian heat vision blasts and dies as a result. Winn is inconsolable even as James tries to comfort him that it wasn’t Winn’s fault that his tech couldn’t stand up to such an attack. He even blames James saying “you told me I could save the world.”

Closing Thoughts

This episode was a much -much- better outing than last week’s “Not Kansas.” I have a storytelling problem with Supergirl’s and Man of Steel’s making New Krypton premise. Especially on Supergirl where we’ve seen aliens and humans living together in our society. It feels like an over-the-top power play by the Kryptonians and I was confused by Selena separating herself and her sisters from Alura and the rest of the Kryptonians on Argo. Was she saying that they were discriminated against in Argo? I was unclear on this point. The story between J’onn and M’yrnn has clearly become my favorite of Season 3. I can’t say enough about the pairing of Harewood and Lumbly and I love that they have brought Alex so closely into their family dynamic. M’yrnn’s philosophical points where fantastic and what a lovely way to introduce his exit. I am totally looking forward to his heroic moment next week! The separation of Sam and Reign -at least bodily- is promising for Sam’s salvation but we’ll have to see when the battle comes to an end next week who survives and who doesn’t. Buh bye, Thomas Coville. What a tool. As much grief as I gave the decision for the DEO to go nonlethal last week I’ll give them equal amounts of props this week for addressing the implications of that decision immediately and it going south for poor Agent Demos, RIP. Well played, writers, well played. This setup for the finale episode of Season 3 did pretty ok!

MOS 63 Close

Cougar’s Comic Corner

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“Battles Lost and Won” Season 3 Episode 23, Monday June 18 at 8e/7c on the CW
Supergirl and the team take on Selena in an epic battle for Earth. The episode was written by Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller and directed by Jesse Warn.


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