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“Not Kansas” brings us a frustrating mess of an episode. Kara Zor El chooses to leave her life on Earth and return to her Kryptonian home of Argo. Reign is temporarily defeated and the DEO deals with a lone gunman on the loose with an assault weapon. And a million other things happened. Almost literally…

Return to Argo

MOS 62 SuperElSupergirl, Mon-El, and the quick chemistry of Lena subdue Reign and pull Sam out of Reign. Supergirl asks Lena if she can synthesize more of the stone of Yuda Kal so her Kryptonian city of Argo can continue to thrive. Lena agrees and Kara begins plans to leave Earth and return to Argo. She and Alex talk about always being there for each other, Kara has a going away party from Lena and Supergirl has a send off from the DEO. She and Mon-El are about to say goodbye and instead she invites him to come to Argo. He can pull a gravity doohickey thing and contact the Legion to come and get him. Serena and Alura greet the two upon their return to Argo and we start to settle into Kara’s new chapter. Kara meets up with her childhood friend Thara Ak-Var who is now chief of police and Kara begins to have accidents happen around her that keep her very suspicious about things in Argo. In the midst of this Mon-El decides to unload all of his feelings about her and she responds in kind because she talks about her dream from the very beginning of Season 3 where he is with her. [If this season turns out to be a dream there’s going to be some serious “ain’t having it” around here – just sayin.] It turns out that Serena has a whole witch following and one of them monologues their goals and objectives. We see Serena coming to Thomas Coville praying over the old Fortress of Certitude. It rises up from the ashes, Sam robots back into her WorldKiller responses and we’re basically right back where we started before.

[Grunting] Guns. Bad.

James is Guardian-ing it up…on the basketball court…by himself with Winn in his ear. They are finally alerted to a bank robbery and as Guardian responds the thief opens up on the responding police officer and James with an assault style weapon. After DEO study Winn deduces that the weapon used comes from the manufacturer that produces weapons for the DEO. J’onn and James go the manufacturer who is empathetic to the fact that an assault weapon was used inappropriately but he’s not willing to say that they shouldn’t be sold. J’onn puts the pressure on to find out the retailers that sell these to citizens. The DEO begins compiling a list of possible folks that have bought these weapons and James picks out his assailant. MOS GunsThey do a background check and find out he has a grudge against his former employer and J’onn and Guardian go to confront him. J’onn talks him down from using the weapon. J’onn also decides and announces to his DEO forces that effective immediately he is going to replace guns with other scientific weapons that Winn will design. He understands if his agents will not be on board with this decision and some walk away from the job. Oh, Lena and James disagree on citizens being armed. She’s packing and he’s against it.

Everything Else and the Kitchen Sink

MOS 62 Kitchen Sink*M’yrnn announces that he is near death and that he and J’onn must perform a ritual to pass on his memories to J’onn. J’onn is understandably disturbed and in denial at first; but, eventually agrees.
*Lena figures out the formula for what will surely be black kryptonite.
*Guardian is playing basketball in broad daylight by himself. It’s weird.
*Serena and her Sisters of the Some Such steal Kara’s ship to get back to Earth.
*Thara Ak-Var and her husband are having first-Argo problems with the construction of their gazebo. Seriously.
*Sam and Ruby are reunited.
*Alex decides to put her drink down and looks into the National City adoption agency.

Closing Thoughts

This episode was a hot mess. The sheer lack of emotion from nearly everyone associated with Argo is difficult to handle. Kara is reunited with her mother, her childhood friend, and her society. Of course it’s going to be awkward. This was stilted. Even her and Mon-El’s coming together on their feelings seemed forced for the sake of moving the story along. And we have another social justice issue of the week handled with as much finesse as using a sledgehammer on a thumb tack. J’onn’s decision to take the guns from the DEO with wandering and sometimes dangerous aliens with who knows what powers is ridiculous. The writers decide to undo everything that has been done to Sam/Reign and bring things back to where they were – except that Serena and company are now on Earth to fight alongside Reign and Coville. Why? What does Serena have against Earth and its inhabitants? Does she want a cleansed world for her and the Argo-ite’s? Does she want to rule on high? If we’ve established that Reign can be bested by her own logic and not every human being needs to be wiped away then where are we going and again, why? Yes, we’re two episodes from the end of the season but there was so much crammed into this episode that the storytelling got lost and jumbled and, frankly, just bad. We’ve had episodes of rich character development and storytelling that is compelling. This return to Argo for Supergirl should be a momentous occasion and this feels like a parenthetical addition to an already crowded storytelling plate. It’s a shame.


“Make It Reign” Season 3 Episode 22, Monday June 11 at 8e/7c on the CW
Supergirl learns the true depth of Serena’s nefarious plans for Earth. Supergirl, Mon-El and Alura must devise a plan to stop her before Serena gets to Earth. J’onn prepares to say goodbye to his father.


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