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“Dark Side of the Moon” brings us the reveal that Argo City of Krypton has survived on the backside of a space rock and Kara’s mom Alura is there! Back on Earth, Alex is learning to balance herself as sold out to her DEO side and what that could mean as a mom. Reign is ready to bust out of Lena’s prison, and Winn is giving parenting insights to Ruby.

In honor of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” being released last weekend we’re going with some Han-ism’s for our story titles!

“I Love You…I Know”

MOS 61 LoveKara and Mon-El are speeding toward the space rock (as she explains she can finally by herself) needed to remove Reign from Sam and as they come out of hyperspace they are amazed to find a shielded city on the meteor. Upon landing they come across a market in a plain looking city with an impressive skyline beyond it. They take some clothing to blend in and find the rock they need. Kara is surprised to find a memorial stone written in Kryptonian outside of where the stone is held. The two are immediately surrounded by Kellex robots and the leaders of the area come forward led by Alura Zor-El. Kara and Alura are shocked to find one another there each thinking the other had died and Alura finds out that Kara has come for the rock that basically is the energy force that keeps Argo City humming. It provides everything for their survival so taking some to Earth could present a problem. Alura calls a quick High Council meeting and in the meantime mom and daughter catch up on each other’s lives. Kara is brought before the High Council and understandably they are concerned about sharing their precious rock since they hold no guilt over the WorldKillers, because as [Tuvok] (guest star Tim Russ) explains, “Krypton is dead.” We also find out that the WorldKiller leader in hologram form in the Fortress of Certitude is also on the High Council. Hello, Selina! After a beautiful appeal from Kara, given over images of Alex battling her would-be killer, the Council -with Selina’s winning vote- agrees to send part of the rock back to Earth. Alura sends the rock along a Super secret box back with Kara. Also, Mon-El notices a young boy in the marketplace that is physically suffering and he goes back and gives he and his mom a healing disk that will cure the boy. And when leaving Argo he tells Alura that he “is very fond of her daughter.” Yah-huh.

“I Have a Bad Feeling About This.”

MOS 61 Bad FeelingAlex and Ruby are out for ice cream (with all of the toppings) when Alex notices that she has someone targeting her. He shoots and throws a grenade but that doesn’t work so he runs away. Alex brings Ruby to the DEO so they can start figuring out who’s after her. They come across Sheriff Collins from Midvale, Alex’s first arrest because he just got paroled and has moved within blocks of Alex. She confronts him and he rules himself as her current enemy because he is still guilty over killing Kenny Lee when he and Alex and Kara were teenagers. (See episode 3×09, “Midvale”) Her motorcycle is the next bomb which doesn’t kill her so she decides with J’onn’s help to become a target out in the open and get this done. Sure enough the assassin is brought out and he is the twin brother of -nobody really cares- whom she took down years ago. The key to the fight is that she chases this alien all over rooftops and risks everything to get to him including a huge jump from building to building that almost doesn’t go well. Later on the DEO’s Balcony of Deep Thoughts Alex talks with J’onn that she is so sold out to the job that she doesn’t really think before doing things that could get her killed. Now that she is looking after Ruby how is she going to find the balance between the risk and her desire to be a mom? J’onn assures her that she will figure it out when the time is right.

“Wonderful Girl. Either I’m Going to Kill Her or I’m Beginning to Like Her.”

Ruby is dropped in Winn’s “care” while Alex is figuring out her killer and he is quite dismissive to Ruby until he realizes that they are alike with their messed up parents. He apologizes for being a jerk and they find some common ground. Also, Reign is about through with Lena and her prison space. Lena has to decide when the time has come to drown Reign’s system with her kryptonite or wait for Supergirl to return with the space rock. James assures her that she will make the right decision. Reign challenges Lena that she’s “strong, ruthless, so much darker than she realizes, so much like me.” Lena is ready to flood her with Kryptonite when Supergirl arrives. Reign breaks free and all Super%#$^& breaks loose.

MOS 61 C Story
MOS 61 3rd story

Closing Thoughts

“Dark Side of the Moon” was a good episode that definitely moved the larger narrative along, unlike last week, while still exploring some character motivations. Kara is still grappling with her identity, Alex is still grappling with her desire to be a mom, and Lena is still grappling with her crippling family association and deciding if evil is really the better way. I appreciated all of this exploration while also giving us a huge part of the greater Supergirl mythos in Argo City and bringing Alura back into Supergirl’s world. The implications and the future of this storyline will be interesting to watch. As we start tying up the end of Season 3 they are making a bold choice in introducing this dynamic and I say Huzzuh!


“Not Kansas” Season 3 Episode 21
KARA CONSIDERS A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE – Kara (Melissa Benoist) makes a major life decision. Meanwhile, J’onn (David Harewood) finds out that special DEO-caliber guns have hit the streets of National City. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn.


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