When not even the mention of potstickers can rouse Kara from her grief, it takes a monumental save of the city to finally knock some sense into her in the Supergirl season premiere. We get off to a fast start as questions of foes and friends arise immediately in the faces of old and new characters alike.

The season three premiere of Supergirl, titled “Girl of Steel” originally aired on Monday October 9, 2017. We are about six months removed from the season 2 finale, keeping in line with the other DC shows, and are reintroduced into Supergirl’s world during a very dark, emotional time of Kara’s life.

Morgan Edge

The tantalizing tech and potentiality for vivacious villains was overshadowed by a lot of emotional drama in this week’s episode. It took me a rewatch in order to understand why Supergirl knew it was Morgan Edge in the end. Ah, Morgan Edge. Remember the character on Smallville? Good times. mos-44-lenaAdrian Pasdar, an actor often asked to portray a character where he could be a bad guy… but maybe not… is believable as the business powerhouse CEO, but the moments where he’s supposed to be the most fantastical seem to be muted by indirectness. If he truly is to replace the Maxwell Lord character, which was notably lacking from season 2, we want to see him fully embrace the limelight. I hope to see him showcased much more brilliantly in upcoming episodes.

On the bright side, his introduction paved the ideal way for Lena to become a more prominent character this season. Undoubtedly saving the episode for me, Katie McGraff’s portrayal of the youngest Luthor was sweet and sassy and all kinds of business savvy. Without Cat at the head of Catco, at least there will be another powerful woman to lead it up. And since Lena and James’ rapport seems to be on point, this has to bode well in contrast to the atrocious introduction of Snapper Carr last season.

The Opening

mos-44-erica-as-aluraWhile Daydreaming played softly in the background, Kara encountered two people who are no longer with her. First Mon-El, and then her mother. Now, I have not been shy about my love for Smallville. Take that as you will, it was great for its time and had its moments, in spite of its flaws. So when news broke that Erica Durance would be taking over the role of Alura, Kara’s mother, it was a happy, happy day in my head. And it still is! Seeing Erica on screen again was awesome, I’m very excited to see more.

mos-44-the-backgroundHowever, I want to bring up a different point about this scene. I apologize for the chosen picture, here, but I wanted to ask about the planet (?) in the background? It moves positions like 3 times in this scene. As far as I’ve ever read, this isn’t a typical Kryptonian landscape… so is this indicative something else? Something that may be coming down the road?

Chime in!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Supergirl Vol. 5: Way of the World
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Promising a dying boy to use her spectacular powers for the practical purpose of curing his terminal illness, Supergirl upsets the universe’s rules of life and death in the service of her impossible quest and may have to face off with Superman and Batman to accomplish it. Should heroes of unfathomable power attempt to change humanity? Or are their offers of help more harmful than good?

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