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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! After a nearly month-long hiatus, we’re back covering Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18 “Ace Reporter” which originally aired on April 24, 2017. The long-awaited guest appearance of Rahul Kohli, best known for his role on iZombie, did not disappoint. From quips to touching moments, this episode had all the makings of a decent filler episode. What was your favorite one liner of the episode?

Human Trial One

mos-39-kaboom In true mystery fashion, the clues around this week’s villain of the week unfolded just a little bit at a time. As we learn, or are reminded, by Karen in this episode, Jack Spheer is a pretty obscure villain from comic book history. But by taking some of the essential elements of his character and integrating him into the Supergirl universe, we got a refreshing and more interesting twist on the head of Biomax.

The lingering questions around when Jack was more sentient than controlled not withstanding, the balance between Jack the Boyfriend and Jack the Biomax monster was really ideal. When Jack was himself, fully himself, he couldn’t understand why he’d let Lena walk out two years ago. But when Biomax took over, it revealed how his passion took a bit of a nasty turn and purported his good intentions.

Afraid of Who I’ll Be

As the love-child of Lionel Luthor, we knew Lena must have some darkness deep within. Growing up with a mother who did not love her, only to discover well into her adulthood why that love was withheld, is damaging. Lena is strong and independent, but she’s also human. mos-39-comforting At first this scene between Kara and Lena confused me, because I hadn’t really picked up on the fact that Lena said she feels nothing. The only time she feels anything, in fact, was when she thought about Beth rotting in prison.

But if Lena reacts to this situation, to the death of a former lover and dear friend, with cold indifference, then we do have a problem on our hands. An interesting problem, however! Consider a possibility: in her desperate attempt to feel something, she betrays the people who trust her.

In looking ahead at what might come in the final episodes of the season, the climax we’re building toward, we know that something has to happen with Lena. We already have two villains this season, both of whom seem to be coming to a head, for the grand finale, are they going to add a third to that pot? Or will Lena surprise us and instead of owning the Luthor name, choose friendship and trust over her own pursuit of feeling human?

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Originally published as The Brave and the Bold (V3) #1-6
April – October 2007

Someone has stolen the Book of Destiny, an all-powerful artifact that gives its possessors complete knowledge of the present, past and future. Batman and Green Lantern must form alliances with many brave champions, including Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Lobo and the Legion of Super-Heroes, to take back the book and restore the fabric of reality.



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