Welcome back to Maid of Steel! In this episode we discuss Supergirl Season 2 Episode 17 “Distant Sun” which originally aired on March 27, 2017 and featured the return of Teri Hatcher (as Rhea) and Kevin Sorbo (as Lar Gand). Though this is the last we’ve seen of Lar Gand, we fully anticipate seeing more of Teri Hatcher! Also back this week, as far as guest stars go, was Lynda Carter as la presidenta Olivia Marsden.

Helicopter Parenting

Mon-El is rather selective about where his pop-culture knowledge shines (Rom-ayo and Juliet, anyone?), but the weighted double meaning of his use of this phrase, helicopter parenting, was not lost on us! mos-37-mon-fights-itBoth literally, and emotionally, Mon-El’s parents remain high above National City and making their best attempts at puppeteering their son. Before we learn it is Rhea bankrolling the bounty, we get a healthy dose of foreshadowing when Hannibal, one of the bounty hunters, literally has the power of mind control. Mon-El first confronts his parents about the bounty, which they deny, and returns to Kara’s apartment and tells her frankly what he was up to, only then to have his body taken over by Hannibal.

Let’s recap the accomplishments which lead us to grant Rhea the grand prize amongst all helicopter parents: she first takes out a bounty on her son’s girlfriend (begging the question, did she ever really think it would work?); she manipulates Mon-El into giving up his life on Earth and return with his parents; when he spouts off crazy, American idealisms, Rhea locks him up in a cell for the duration of their return to Daxam; finally, when Team Supergirl breaks him out of his cell and whisks him away with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek blessing from his father, Rhea literally stabs her husband in the back.

As Karen would say: “Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him.” (That’s from Macbeth…)

There was little in this episode to drown out the sappy backwash of relationship drama, whether it was good or bad, but the pacing of the episode overall felt tighter and more intentional. Plus there was laser eye-patch alien guy! mos-37-laser-eye-patch-guyAs I am still in the midst of my comic book education, I do not see the bright comic book spotlights as easily as Karen does and find myself getting hung up on the mechanics of relationships being portrayed. In spite of that, I enjoy walking a way from discussions with Karen seeing a slightly bigger picture than the one I had going in and appreciate the conversation we were able to have!

We hope you enjoy the discussion and, don’t forget, Supergirl is taking a couple weeks off for spring sweeps and will return April 24. In the meantime, check out iZombie’s third season premiere AND the return of Prison Break!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Green Lantern Vol. 5: Test of Wills
Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern in the history of the Corps, has lost everything. Friends have died, Oa has been destroyed, and now he must say goodbye to Earth! As war threatens to dismantle the Green Lantern Corps, Hal does the unthinkable: He asks for help. Can he and a team of handpicked Lanterns remove a deadly weapon from the enemy’s arsenal, or will they be dealt their first defeat?

This story features a race called the Durlans, and it’s been confirmed that Lynda Carter is playing a Durlan character. So if you want to know more about them, I offer this storyline as a primer.

Superman Vol. 1: Before Truth
A new era for the Man of Steel begins here. Superman is going through some changes. First, there’s his new “solar flare” power, which releases tremendous amounts of energy but leaves him functionally human—fragile, vulnerable, prone to hangovers—for 24 hours.

But an even bigger change is coming. A new company called Hordr has sprung up, and its business is secrets. If you have one that you want to keep hidden, Hordr can control you—and no one has a bigger secret than Clark Kent.
Now, Hordr is threatening to expose Clark’s alter ego unless he does everything they command. Will Superman play into the hands of blackmailers to keep his loved ones out of danger? And if the truth that Superman has been hiding is exposed, will it set him free—or ruin his life?

Collects issues #40-44 and the 8-page Superman story from DIVERGENCE: FCBD SPECIAL EDITION #1.
The trailer for the next episode (Ace Reporter) shows Kara with part of her suit showing through her “civilian” clothes, which seems to be an homage to this story written by National Book Award nominee Gene Luen Yang, and Illustrated by the Eisner Award Winning John Romita Jr. (The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Kick-Ass, Superman, Uncanny X-Men)


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