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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! This week we are discussing the events of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 “Star-Crossed” which originally aired on Monday Mach 19, 2017. The reveal of Mon-El’s true identity was only slightly overshadowed by Team Supergirl’s efforts to exonerate Winn from suspicion of grant theft art. Along with the return of Lyra, we also got to meet Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and King Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo).

Dinner with Daxamites

The inevitable has finally come to pass. The truth of Mon-El’s heritage came to the forefront of this episode in one of the most uncomfortable meet-the-family dinners I’ve ever witnessed (but, come on, Meet the Parents was literally the most awkward). mos-37-eyes-of-judgment It wasn’t just uncomfortable to watch the not-so-subtle jabs at the differences between the cultures of Daxam and Krypton, but also to watch Kara’s self-righteous smugness cap off a feeling of “I knew this was going to happen” while Mon-El’s parents seem to reinforce every stereotype she had previously accused them of.

If you are a regular listener to the show, you’ll know that even though I’m starting to read more comics… I’m not well versed. Everything I know about Daxam comes either from Kara or from my lovely co-host (which I can regurgitate on command, but have no means of defense).
Therefore, I rely totally on this show to tell me what I need to know about Daxamites. They may very well be as bad as Kara makes them out to be, and I’m OK with that, it makes Mon-El’s change even more awesome; but this neener-neener attitude Kara has toward the whole situation makes me want to believe there is more to the story than she’s every been willing to see.

Any sympathy I have for Kara being lied to by a person she’s been pouring her time and energy into was lost with the total lack of humility in her dialogue. mos-37-leadership-skillsThus far, her relationship with Mon-El has been all about her… So yeah, I don’t blame Mon-El at all for lying if this is how she’s going to react. She claims he never gave her the opportunity to be OK with (by telling her the truth), well, let’s recap his trajectory: 1) lands on Earth, fresh with Princely idealisms (lying for survival), 2) in adjusting to a new paradigm on Earth, he learns a lot of hard lessons about what’s acceptable and unacceptable, 3) begins to care about Kara (including what she thinks about him), 4) falls in love with a girl who does not hide how desperately she hates the people of Daxam.

When she was most likely to accept him for who he was, Prince Mon-El was not the person who would willingly proffer that information. By the time this episode comes around and he’s capable of telling her the truth, she’s set an impossible expectation for his behavior which precludes him from bringing up, “Oh, funny story, so back on Daxam, you know? Yeah, I’m the Prince.”

The emotional immaturity is wearing on me. There’s this constant thread of X at the expense of Y, for which Kara’s only “suffering” is varying degrees of misunderstanding. Winn’s EQ showed up in this episode, though! Now there’s a guy who wants to get to the bottom of something.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Final Crisis: New Edition

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Collects DC Universe #0, Final Crisis # 1-7, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond # 1-2, Final Crisis: Submit, Batman 682-683 and material from Absolute Final Crisis.

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