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Rogue was the name of the game on this week’s ep of Supergirl.  We had a forced exodus of aliens. Alex, Kara, and Lena all went rogue to fight for what they believe in.  Even Jeremiah went Rogue against CADMUS.  Now they all have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Rogue Hosts:

No your ears are not deceiving you John McGrail (Triplecast) and I, Geoff (Gotham Undercover) have gone rogue and taken over this week.  Both Karen and Emilee were unable to podcast this week, so John and I stepped in to help.  We hope we did the ladies justice in our discussion and that we were able to share the communities thoughts well.  Thanks for putting up with two dudes hosting the Maid of Steel podcast.  Now on to the blog post!

Rogue Agent:

MOS36 - Rogue Exodus - Rogue Agent

This episode was all about people going rogue and doing the right thing by the wrong methods.  Alex Danvers is so focused on defending and saving Jeremiah that she neglects the hundreds of aliens being kidnapped. She is about to beat a Cadmus goon down before J’onn stops her.  Later he tests her by playing Jeremiah.  She is willing to go against DEO rules and steal from them to help her dad.  So J’onn suspends her.  Kara doesn’t like J’onn’s methods but agrees that Alex is too close to the issue.  But Maggie is willing to help.

They go out on their own and stop Brian from being taken by Cadmus.  Alex copies the GPS data and is off to free her dad.  Once again she is going rogue having no back-up.  She takes down some of the guards before being surrounded and stopped by her dad.  She tries to reason with him.  He says he is doing it for his girls.  Alex rightly argues that they wouldn’t want him doing this for them.  But the parental instinct is too strong in Jeremiah and he has to protect them.  Lillian arrives and sets the ship to launch.  She is disappointed it is not full but she has not choice.

The ship, called Exodus, will take the aliens across the galaxy and they will have to find a way to their home worlds.  This was the compromise Jeremiah worked out.  Lillian wanted to kill them.  Alex says she has bombs planted and wants Lillian to stop the ship.  Lillian left no override codes so Alex is forced to blow the bombs.  She sets Jeremiah to work on stopping the ship while she goes to free the aliens.

MOS36 - Rogue Exodus - Prisoners

The prisoners including Lyra, Winn’s alien lady, are stuck in cells on the ship.  Kara knocks out the guards and gets Lyra to free the rest.  But it is too late the doors lock and the ship launches.  Our rogue agent has to call for back-up.  Winn and the DEO crew can’t override the controls.  All they can do is watch.

Alex has to encourage Supergirl and the day is saved.  In the end J’onn apologizes and reinstates Alex.  They both agree not to do the right things for the wrong reasons.

Rogue Blogger:

MOS36 - Rogue Exodus - Rouge Blogger

Kara wants to get the word out the the aliens about the abductions.  Mon suggests putting out an anonymous message, but Kara says people won’t take it seriously. She vows to do an article and have CatCo publish it.  Snapper it trying to teach her journalism and demands she have multiple sources.  She suggests a workaround, an exclusive with he and Supergirl.  He complies, but when Supergirl will not give up the DEO as a source he turns Kara down.  Lena suggest citizen journalism.  Kara wrestles with the blog but Mon convinces her to do what she feels is right.  She publishes and it helps stop the round-ups but forces Lillian’s hand.

She may have saved her sister and the aliens on the ship at Supergirl, but her rogue ways as blogger Kara cost her, her job.  She used CatCo info on a competing platform breaching her contract. Before sending her out the door Snapper teaches her a hard lesson on telling the whole truth, with multiple sources.  Mon comforts her at home, but will only being Supergirl and having Mon be enough?  I don’t think so!

Rogue Luthor:

MOS36 - Rogue Exodus - Rogue Luthor

Lena gets the scoop about Lillian and the alien abductions from Kara.  She goes rogue against the Luthor’s.  She pledges to dig into things.  She searches the L Corp budget and archives.  But her assistant is a mole for Lillian.  Lillian orders her Lena to be sidelined.  Lena calls Kara with the scoop, but the Lillian’s thugs throws Lena over the ledge.  Supergirl saves her and Lena gives her the location of Cadmus’ base.

Rogue Fight:

MOS36 - Rogue Exodus - Supermen

Cyborg Superman vs Superman er Superdad was a fun little battle to watch.  Seeing the two duke it out was fun, but Cyborg Superman stopped Jeremiah Danvers with a laser blast.  So Jeremiah could not stop the ship on his end.  But now his future and the Danver”s sister’s future is unclear.  Cadmus now has no checks against attacking the Danver’s family.  Cadmus now has Jeremiah but what will they make him do?  Who knows?

Closing Thoughts:

I (Geoff) enjoyed jumping in to help podcast on this ep! I thought that this moved the stories and the relationships along in the season.  The good thing it did is raise questions for the future.  Our characters have to deal with the consequences of going rogue.  Kara had to take a forced exodus from Catco.  Where will her wondering lead he? We have a ship arriving in orbit containing royalty who made their exodus from Daxam.  Are they looking for their son?  Time will tell!  One thing is sure next week’s Supergirl and Flash will cause us to have a song on our lips and a dance in our steps.

Cougar’s Comic Book Corner:

Geoff’s attempt:  All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Small Miracles which contains the first appearance of Music Meister.

MOS36 - Rouge Exodus - Brave and the Bold







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