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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! In this installment of the podcast, we discuss Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13 “Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk” which originally aired on Monday February 20, 2017. In a surprise visit from Mxyzptlk, the magical imp from the fifth dimension (portrayed by Peter Gadiot), Kara and Mon-El the Blandsome Daxamite see their budding relationship interrupted while the imp attempts to woo Kara. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie clash over Valentine’s Day and Winn finds himself entangled with a beautiful Starhaveness.



It’s hard enough saying it forward, much less backward. Truer truths have never been truer, Mon-El. Can’t blame a guy for being a bit threatened by a fifth dimensional, sweet-talking, woo-hardy imp who not only has his eyes and heart set on Kara but can also snap into existence the things that make most girls go weak at the knees. Flowers, a string quartet… Vera Wang. mos-34-where-did-he-goSetting aside the fact that Mon-El knew Vera Wang but not the Day of the Valenteen, the tension brewing between the lovebirds was pretty solid this episode. I really enjoy the fact that both Kara and Mon-El’s intergalatic knowledge comes out every now and then, in this case Mon-El knowing about Mxyptlk and even how to get rid of him.

Karen and I have been saying for a couple weeks that nothing good can come out of keeping the secret Mon-El undoubtedly has locked away (his true identity on Daxam), but at the same time watching the growth in that character has been perhaps the only redeeming quality to the first half of this season (my own opinion, obviously). When Winn tries to hit him up for advice on girls, and Mon-El responds with the quip about it all being easier on Daxam when he didn’t care and objectified women, it wasn’t just an injected comment designed to explain a host of things we didn’t know. We already knew it, and he was just saying something we knew. In the show-don’t-tell category, the delivery of this line came at a perfect time… because in spite of the fact he was rejected by Kara, his feelings for her are changing him. That is a really difficult thing to portray.


What a treat it was to have the impish Mxy appear this week. mos-34-mxy Saying he’s charming might give him a little more credit than is do, but he’s certainly less villainous than in the comic Karen had us read for this week (Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?). Perhaps a better term for him is anti-hero?

We can likely agree that Mxy was the antagonist of the episode, and possibly quite true in his love for Kara, but talk about going at things from the wrong direction. Then again, neither of Kara’s suitor seemed to be doing for her what she wanted or needed. Mxy can’t make her fall in love with him and Mon-El can’t fight for her honor (she’s handling it! Didn’t she tell him already?). mos-34-mxy-team-up And neither of them are really giving her the right kind of help. They’re both doing what they think needs to be done.

I’m not terribly old-fashioned, but I won’t lie… I like it when the guy I’m with opens the door for me. It’s hard enough trying to figure out what he’s thinking if he doesn’t do something to make me think he might be thinking about me. The last couple weeks have been funny, where first Kara and Mon-El were training together and working toward making him operational… then Kara rejects his advances and suddenly they’re no longer a team… and now suddenly, that Kara suggests she does have feelings for them they’re supposed to be a team again. I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to make of all this, but I am really glad the fight between them at the DEO happened as it did. Because Mon-El was entirely correct that she’s not always a good judge of what she can handle! She is hard on him, and it’s for reasons that are entirely subjective (i.e. her feelings for him).

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Supergirl: Candor

“Supergirl: Candor” was a three-part story chronicled in issues #6-8 of Supergirl (Volume 5). The events from this storyline take place during the “missing year” following the events of Infinite Crisis.

The long-lost cousin of Superman, Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, who arrived on Earth years after the Man of Steel. Although she shares Superman’s incredible powers, Supergirl does not quite fit in on Earth-but that does not stop her from carrying on the fight against evil. Following the earth-shattering events of Infinite Crisis, Kara continues trying to discover her place in the DC Universe. Kara’s amazing adventures find her trapped in the Kryptonian city of Kandor, where she must take on a new heroic identity.

The saga of Kara Zor-El deepens in this volume collecting SUPERGIRL #6-9, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #27, SUPERMAN #223 and JLA #122-123!



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