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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! In this episode, Karen and Emilee discuss Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10 “We Can Be Heroes”, which we’ve affectionately titled Leslie, Knope… Livewire. The episode originally aired on Monday January 30, 2016 and featured the return of Supergirl’s nemesis Livewire. In an electrifying twist of events, Livewire is kidnapped from her prison cell and used as a power source while Dr. Frankenstein does a little Cmd + C, Cmd + V with Leslie’s powers. Meanwhile, James struggles to be recognized as a legitimate superhero and Mon-El graduates from superhero kindergarten.

Leslie, Knope… Livewire

Remember when we first met Livewire early last season? If I’m not mistaken, this was the episode that was exchanged with the bombing episode due to coincidence of events in Paris. We got Leslie a little earlier than expected and got some story and plot elements that seemed to be missing a few origin points. mos-32-livewire-guardian The second time we got a dose of Leslie when she teamed up with Silver Banshee (who, incidentally, also released her from prison… though for the purpose of being an ally).

We only truly get the real Livewire in the first and last bits of the episode, first with “Freud” and lastly in the mad scientist’s lab, even so the threat of her re-emergence wreaks nearly as much havoc as her actual presence. And, to be fair, the Faux Leslies did have her powers. Just, the powers without the attitude isn’t the same. Which we are lovingly reminded of when the full force of that attitude comes out in the presence of Guardian and Mon-El.

We proceed to get lines like: “Your cosplay sucks! and “Little boys who think they can do a better job than the woman who’s an actual superhero…” and “I’ll make a deal with you, American Barbie…” Oh, Leslie Livewire, we love to hate you. It’s not nearly as stressful on us, the viewers, as it is on Kara. Because good always wins. Right?

Karamel Surprise

Mon-El’s high five at the end of this episode basically sums up all of the wonderful things about that character. As far as organic and genuine plot lines go this season, there are non so appealing to me now as the developing relationship between Kara and Mon-El. At least, watching Mon-El’s development over the last 10 episodes has been rewarding… Kara’s has been frustrating, more or less, and yet superbly interesting when viewed through the lens of those characters she interacts with.

In the previous episode, Kara struggled with a lack of satisfaction in resolving “petty crimes” only to come head-to-head with a Maldoorian slavery circuit. She has been very vocal about her desire to help people and make a difference in the lives of National City by being that light in the proverbial darkness. It comes as no surprise that this is what she demands, and has always expected, from Mon-El. But Mon-El has a sordid past which Kara knows little to nothing about, and what she does know is probably a lie or half-truth; it makes sense that it’s taking him longer to graduate from superhero kindergarten.

But Kara has been self-righteous to the point of selective. To put it in Harry Potter terms, she kind of has this pure-blood way of looking at being a superhero. She sees Mon-El in this pure-blood sort of way and holds him to a higher standard than other players on the National City chessboard. Guardian, inversely, she sees as less worthy. And though I will not utter the terrible, derogatory term used on Muggle-born wizards, I won’t lie that she kinda gave off the vibe like she was shouting it in James’s face. At least, that’s what look on James’s face expresses after she says her piece.

I am very glad, though, that they decided to make Kara a little more cautious before jumping straight into a relationship with Mon-El.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

The Scarlet Cougar recommends JLA (1997-2006) Vol. 1 by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter!

From the mouth of the Cougar herself:
The Hyperclan come to Earth masquerading as a group of Superheroes set to conquer Earth. The Hyperclan members are known as Protex, Fluxus, A-Mortal, Züm, Primaid, Tronix, Armek, and Zenturion, using the array of natural Martian powers to give each “hero” a seemingly different set of abilities; for example, Züm was a speedster, Armek was a massive armored figure with superhuman strength and could change color, and Fluxus was a shapeshifter. Their initial attack results in the destruction of the League’s satellite and the death of Metamorpho and is preceded by a sickness that strikes all fire-based heroes and villains, such as Firehawk and Doctor Phosphorus, causing them to lose their powers. With the use of mind control and public relations, they nearly succeeded, brainwashing all of Earth into seeing the new Justice League as the villains.



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