Welcome back to Maid of Steel! In this episode of the podcast you will find a discussion about Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 “Medusa” (a.k.a. A Prologue to Invasion!), which originally aired on November 28, 2016. After a successful test run of their alien-killing virus, CADMUS is looking for an isotope to weaponize their bomb and mass distribute the extermination gas across National City. Kara and Supergirl play good cop/bad cop, respectively, with Lena as they race against the clock to stop CADMUS before it’s too late.

Vintage Virus Vexes Villains

Night 1 of The CW’s heavily advertised 4-night crossover event was a bit of a disappointment. Though not unsurprising, the crossover really only begins in the last few minutes of the episode, in which Barry and Cisco arrive through a breach. They’d been trying to get through all day, we see breaches pop up two different times, but only make it through as time slips away. A cool fact to make note of is that Cisco declares they found Kara on Earth 38, which in the comics is indicative of the Earth most similar to Earth 1. Look at that! Problem solved. In this winter finale of Supergirl, I am struck by the similarities the first third of the season had to the entirety of last season, though it was condensed into 8 episodes. In contrast to Non and Astra developing Myriad to control the minds of humans, Cadmus re-engineers a Kryptonian virus in order to exterminate non-humans. Maxwell Lord’s defense tactic, if you’ll recall, was to drop a Kryptonite bomb on the city (not unlike the Medusa mist) in order to exterminate all Kryptonian threats. This would not, of course, eliminate Brainiac 9… but may cripple the enemy just enough. I was underwhelmed with the resolution of that storyline, so there wasn’t much surprise in being underwhelmed once again. Lena’s double agent trickery had me for a moment, but I was left wondering, at the end, where she really stood. She fooled Kara in order to deceive her mother, but there was no conversation between Lena and Supergirl at the end of the episode to resolve the motivation behind her trickery and re-establish the alliance. If not re-establish, then just a conversation to define the relationship. And while I understand the need to end the episode on the crossover scene, since the “4-night crossover event” needed to happen here too, the placement of the Daxamite Hunter Ship scene was very… weird. It almost gets lost in the other stories and probably made an unintentional connection with the Medusa virus by occurring right after the virus was dispersed. That should have been a big final moment of the episode… because it is theoretically leading into the villain for the remainder of the season! (Though I would be very disappointed if we’ve seen the last of Lillian Luthor.)

Cougar’s Comic Cougar

[[[All-Star Superman]]] (Entire series, 1-12 $20 at Comixology) Comixology: The amazing creative team of writer Grant Morrison (BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM) and artist Frank Quitely (WE3) join forces to take Superman back to basics and create a new vision of the World’s First Super-Hero. Witness the Man of Steel in exciting new adventures featuring Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Bizarro, and more. Karen: It’s on complex.com’s 25 Comic Books You Need to Read Before You Die list, and I concur. It’s a tribute to all of the things that makes Superman (and in turn, the “Super” family) great.


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