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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! This week, Karen and I are discussing Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7 “The Darkest Place” which originally aired on November 21, 2016. In this episode, Guardian is framed for the murder of a thief he apprehended and must fight to clear his name while Maggie and the National City Police call for his immediate arrest. Meanwhile, Kara gets lured into CADMUS where Mon-El is being held prisoner and comes face-to-face with the real Hank Henshaw and her once-dead adoptive father, Jeremiah.

The Darkest Places

Another confusing episode title, which eludes to more than the content of the episode itself. Do our characters go to the darkest places in this episode? Do they find something buried in the darkest places? Or, literally, was this entire episode shot in the darkest places of Vancouver. mos-29-vigilante-show-downsFor all of our criticism, Supergirl always brings it with the stunts and fight scenes. Watching Barrage and Guardian go at it was great, and then there was the great showdown between Supergirl and the real Hank Henshaw.

Even in the darkest places, there is light. There is hope. I think one of the things that has been most consistent on the show, in spite of my increasing dissatisfaction with the writing, is that Kara still looks for the best in people. She’s still relatively innocent and work is being done to alleviate her of the carelessly naive nature of people’s innate goodness while not detracting from her responsibilities or her ability to carry out those responsibilities.

Project Medusa

CADMUS’s big plans were revealed in a big way this episode. Finally utilizing Hank Henshaw the way we thought he was going to be utilized last season was a long time coming and totally worth the wait.mos-29-project-medusa The anger and resentment that has built up in Hank over the 15 years since J’onn assumed his identity is the perfect ammunition to believe the lengths this man is willing to go to in order to eradicate alien life.

The Supergirl Rebirth storyline is handling Cyborg Superman in, thus far, a very different way. But it’s super cool to be reading that story at the same time this one is unfolding and see the different takes on the character.

I am all for J’onn having a more central role in the show, but more particularly on the team. I realized something this week that I should have realized a long time ago… we’re missing an anchor. Karen wisely suggested that J’onn take up this mantle, and I couldn’t agree more. I really enjoy the storyline going on with M’gann, but we desperately need J’onn’s stability.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Martian Manhunter: Son of Mars (Comixology) || Martian Manhunter: Son of Mars (Amazon)

The Martian Manhunter, one of the key heroes in The New 52, stars in this new title collecting his popular 1998 series. Featuring moody art by writer John Ostrander’s frequent collaborator, Tom Mandrake, the story begins as the Manhunter tells Superman about the end of Mars’s civilization and how he came to Earth. In his guise as Detective John Jones, he tracks a serial killer and investigates a mystery at Cadmus Laboratories, then saves the entire Justice League from the threat of Malefic.



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