Welcome back to Maid of Steel! We’re back this week discussion Supergirl Season 2 Episode 5 entitled “Crossfire” which originally aired on Monday November 7, 2016. The villain of the week was, underneath it all, Cadmus, but the puppet Cadmus was using was named Chet Miner, portrayed by Alexander Cendese.

Weapons of Alien Destruction

Armed with alien weapons, Chet and his small gang carry out the request from Cadmus to wreak a little havoc on the city and hopefully inflict a little damage on National City’s alien heroine. A surprising solution to this new threat is found in one Lena Luthor, however, as she stages a gala in order to unleash a device of her own making on the men who’ve been terrorizing the city.

Everyone wants to play the hero! I’ve said many times on the podcast that I love watching the Lena character. Aside from the fact that the Luthor/Super “rivalry” is nearly incomparable, there is always a characteristic or three within the Luthor character that entices me to sympathize with them. Lena is smart, clearly, as we saw in this episode. But where is her alliance? Now that we know the head of Cadmus is also her mother, does that mean she knows the organization her mother works for… or does she unknowingly stand against the bad guys her mother deploys?

Time will tell!

Adjustment Period

The irresponsible pretty boy is a little overdone in mainstream television, but add an alien component to it and you’ve got something! The scenes with Mon-El this week were great; the humor blended with commentary on purely human concepts (i.e. FICO score and telephones) made Mon-El’s first day (and last day? time passage was hard to determine) a memorable experience.

What will he do, though, now that he’s been fired from Catco? There aren’t many princes in this neck of the wood to bodyguard for. As much as he embraces the partier facade, there is a genuineness to him that I can’t quite pin down. It seems like he’s making himself vulnerable to Kara, but then turns around and makes no effort to carry out the suggestion and guidance she has for him. The conversation between Kara and Alex clarified much of that disconnect and gave Kara the much needed change of perspective over her mentorship of Mon-El, which was great.

To Thine Own Self Be True

alexThis week there was a theme about finding one’s self. Kara was reminded that she was allowed to grow up and be who she wanted to become, she learned that Mon-El will have to do the same, James is starting to want more from his life, and Alex is coming to some life-changing conclusions of her own. She’s just starting to learn about what she wants in a relationship, and it’s nothing like she expected. She’s attracted to Maggie and it shakes her. Maggie Sawyer is groundbreaking in the comics, and I (Scarlet Cougar) like that they’ve brought her to Supergirl – where it’s all about having a safe place to be whomever you are.

Chyler Leigh delivered a stunning performance this week, and kudos to her. We’ve been touched by the feedback from you, our listeners, that we’ve gotten about how this storyline has affected you – and it just shows how much television can impact our daily lives. Thank you for sharing all of that with us, and please continue.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Cougar here with my Comic Corner for this week! My awkward drop in on this week’s podcast included these two issues as your homework for this week. If you’re inclined to have a looksee, here are the descriptions and links to grab ’em! A couple of bucks apiece for some quick entertainment… not a bad deal!

Action Comics (1938-2011) #685 ($2)

Part of “World Without a Superman.” What will happen to Superman’s body? Fighting erupts in Metropolis, and it’s Cadmus and Westfield vs. Luthor’s men and Supergirl! Also, all over the world, people struggle to accept Superman’s death.

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1 ($2)

Straight from the pages of SUPERMAN, Jimmy Olsen, would-be star reporter, doggedly investigates the mystery surrounding Superman’s newest foe, Atlas! But the secrets behind the titan of yore lead Olsen across the country and into great danger as he must survive attacks by none other than Codename: Assassin! And just as Jimmy is getting to the truth, he finds himself in the Midwest and seeking the aide of a hero long thought dead. This story leads directly into SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON SPECIAL #1!


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As promised, our feedback from The UPS Man:

Karen and Emily,
Thought I’d give you a little more El Dorado backstory. He was a real member of the Super Friends. He and a few other “people of color” were added to the Super Friends cartoon in the 70s and 80s. Check them out. I don’t know if El Dorado ever made it into the comics.


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