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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! Thank you for joining us this week as we dive into the first episode of season two, entitled, “The Adventures of Supergirl”. Sisterly Awesomeness If you’re anywhere near as excited as we are to have the show back, with new stories and new superhero craziness, then you are in the right spot! We are hoping that with Supergirl’s move to the CW, we’ll be seeing a greater variety in viewership. so if you fall into that category and are finding us for the first time, I’d like to encourage you to check out a couple episodes from our archive.

While Karen and I (Emilee) do not hold back on bringing up discussions from the previous season, which we acknowledge might be spoilery to new listeners, we do refrain from heavy discussion around what is coming up for the show. Based on news released about upcoming developments, and the show’s rich comic history, we know that just mentioning a character’s name can be a huge spoiler. We give you enough information, hopefully, for you to go investigate for yourself if that type of information is what you love! Plus, there is heavy discussion about all ongoing storylines on our Facebook page, so go check that out!

A Job For Both of Us

Superman and Supergirl teaming up for this premiere was about the most adorable thing that could have happened. The beginning of the first season had us all drowning in pronouns rather than any direct reference to Superman, and while it was awkward at the time (for Superman to be alluded to but never explicitly talked about) it made sense in terms of establishing this show as Supergirl’s show. Bringing Superman into the fold at this stage, after her character was developed and experienced an amazing season of self-discovery was appropriately timed.

Every time an iconic character like Superman (or even an iconic actor) is thrown into the mix, a show runs the risk of catering to that character. Partners in Crime...SolvingStorylines are devised to suit the person, instead of the person suiting the storyline. This is something I’m never a fan of, but I could not have been more pleased with the balance the writers sought while working through the Superman story. The actual plot of Lex trying to kill his sister not withstanding, I did not feel like this was a story for Superman. It was, for real, a job for both of them. Clark, with his years of experience and wisdom, was best utilized for his steady hand and keen eye. He brought stability to Kara’s life and, as a cousin and as a fellow superhero.

I also enjoyed the fact that the “feud” between Superman and J’onn wasn’t some obscure or abstract he-said, she-said thing. It was a really easy, albeit gray area, disagreement. J’onn keeps Kryptonite at the DEO as a means of defense, not against Superman (necessarily) but for the sheer fact that, as I get into a little bit in the next section, Kryptonians keep popping up. Superman thinks it’s dangerous and has too great a potential to fall into the wrong hands. If this was Smallville, Clark would probably hold a huge grudge and pout for a long time, but since this is Supergirl, they’ve written Superman to be a much more mature and even-headed individual… so that he can have this disagreement with J’onn while still respecting his leadership (to a degree).

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Our mystery guest of the week, the man who fell to earth, still has no official name. Yeah, if you go look him up on IMDb the character has a name. But I’m talking officially, like on the show. Clark doesn’t know him. Kara doesn’t know him. So I don’t know him. You might know him from the comics and, I’ll be frank, I cannot wait to know who he is and what his presence means here as well. The Man Who Fell To Earth

Remember that episode last season when Supergirl finally gives an interview to Cat Grant? When Kara began telling her story, that her planet was dying and her parents sent her to Earth to save her and look after her cousin, Cat gave her a bit of eye-rolling. Same story, different version. For a planet that exploded, killing an entire race, we have seen quite a few survivors. Partially due to the inherent intelligence of the Kryptonian race, partially due to the nature of space travel (in the fictional realm, of course), Kal-El survived, Kara’s aunt and uncle survived via The Phantom Zone, and now, perhaps, this mysterious man in the pod. Each case is legit as to why the individual survived, but it is a bit funny to think, “An entire planet exploded and everyone died. Except him. And her. And them. Oh, and him.”

Not that I’m complaining. Serious.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

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