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Hey Supergirl fans! We are happy to present this bonus episode for Season 1 Episode 18 “World’s Finest” which features a conversation driven by listener feedback. We hear from regulars and newbies, throw out the FINAL t-shirt contest question, and get deeper into the shared universe discussion between the DC Comics shows.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Supergirl (2011-2015) Vol. 6: Crucible (includes Maxima, who appears in the next episode).

She’s the Last Daughter of Krypton and one of Earth’s greatest heroes, but for Kara Zor-El, being Supergirl means feeling like she’s got no place to call home.

So when a deep-space school called the Crucible-an intergalactic academy that trains the universe’s most powerful beings-comes calling, Supergirl is happy to go. There, she’s no “super hero”-she’s just like everyone else.

But this strange school hides dark secrets. Just what are Kara and her new friends being trained for? And what does Crucible want with Supergirl’s clone “cousin,” Superboy? Once the truth comes out, Supergirl may not make it to graduation…

From writers Mike Johnson (SUPERMAN/BATMAN), Tony Bedard (GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS) and K. Perkins in her comics debut, along with artists Emanuela Lupacchino (WORLDS’ FINEST) and Ray McCarthy (GREEN ARROW) comes SUPERGIRL: CRUCIBLE. Class is in session! Collects issues #34-40 and SUPERGIRL: FUTURE’S END #1

Get the Comixology OR Amazon copy: Supergirl Vol. 6: Crucible.


Learn more about next week’s villain, Maxima, via Charles Skaggs: Damn Good Coffee, and HOT!

Supergirl Returns…

April 11 with “Myriad“! Be on the lookout for an OFFICIAL trailer, dropping some time in the next week.


Use our feedback page, it’s the EASIEST way to get in touch with us! We love audio or written feedback, whatever you want to give us, because it truly does help to round out our conversation. You guys always think of stuff we didn’t, and we need that and appreciate that!


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