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Welcome back to Maid of Steel! We are so excited to share this installment of the podcast with you, in which we cover Season 1 Episode 16 “Falling”. This episode originally aired on March 14, 2016 and featured guest stars Italia Ricci, as Siobhan Smythe, Tawny Press as Senator Miranda Crane, and the entire cast of CBS’s The Talk…as themselves. The first epic crossover event! Were you underwhelmed?

You’re So Veiny

You probably think this song is about you, don’t you? The song playing when Kara 2.0 makes her first entrance in CatCo is called Ready for the Good Life by Paloma Faith…and it couldn’t have worked more perfectly. Check out these lyrics:

I’m ready for the good life
Cause I’ve been slavin’
Gave it all I got
It seemed the best to me, was not enough
I’m ready for the good life

As I said on the podcast, what I love about storylines like this one, where inhibitions are stripped away and an individual acts without remorse, is that it shows how every human being is capable of terrible evil. Just because a person shows the darkest side of themselves doesn’t make that their true self, nor does it make their lightest side any less part of them. Naturally, we react positively to the light and negatively to the dark, and so the implications of falling as far as Kara/Supergirl did in this episode have tremendous repercussions.

For people who are genuinely good, and want to do good, these experiences can be genuinely traumatic. Maybe the real-life scenario is getting drunk at a party and doing something stupid, or reacting poorly to a situation because of high stress; but whatever that real-life scenario is, when a person is remorseful, apologizes, and seeks out ways to rectify the situation, we can rest assured that the mental torment they suffer is extreme.

Bye, Bye Birdies

Catco said goodbye to two of its female employees this week. Lucy decided that she really only accepted the job because of James and up and quite, exiting prior to the start of the episode. Siobhan’s exit, on the other hand, was much more eventful. I think in the situation of both women, their unemployment storyline will be much more interesting than their time spent with Catco.

To Keep You Safe

J’onn outed himself! There’s no going back from this one. Karen and I bounce a few reasons back and forth as to why J’onn chose to out himself and I think Karen ended up coming up with the reason that I want to reiterate here. His decision to take the blame for killing Astra was along the same vein as his decision to reveal his Martianness to National City; he saw himself as responsible for Astra’s death, maybe not by delivering the sword through the chest, but simply by his involvement and forcing Alex to make a hard decision. He took the blame because, as Karen keenly points out, he didn’t want either sister to suffer.

The coming-out decision was similar. He might not be directly responsible for the present situation, but he can’t bear to see the sisters hurting. Kara looked like she was about to kill Alex, something she would most certainly regret whenever they cured her of the red kryptonite’s effects, and his transformation into J’onn fulfilled the purpose of keeping Kara from killing her sister and saving Alex’s life.

A step beyond that, then, is why didn’t he run when he had the chance? To keep them both safe. By staying in DEO custody, he isn’t forcing either sister to act outside the law, he isn’t wasting DEO resources by forcing them to instigate a martian manhunt, and, c’mon, let’s face it… J’onn could slip out of that cell whenever he wants. His compliance is a facade. But an effective one!

Next Week

Season 1 Episode 17 “Manhunter”
Watch Promo!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

This week, the Scarlet Cougar recommends: Supergirl V4 Annual #1.

This book features several short stories based around the Supergirl “myth” as seen from different times/viewpoints.I love this book because it’s timeless, and it’s not tethered to the main story arc of any one series. Since we’ll be getting some backstory next week, I thought it might be nice to have a bit of a palate cleanser, and a bit of a fairytale anthology. Although they’re not all fairytales…

Get the book on Amazon or Comixology.


Are you Hank-ering to get in on the discussion? Do you Kara little too much about the storyline? We’d love to hear from you!! Send us your thoughts, theories and/or reactions following each new episode of Supergirl by using our handy-dandy feedback page. Hope to hear from you!


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