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We’re a couple days late, but here nonetheless! Karen and I, Emilee, were excited to chat about Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14 “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” which originally aired on February 22, 2016. After two weeks off, myself, before the week off last week, it felt good to talk Supergirl again and start to see a lot of the pieces coming together that have been floating in their distinct realms since the series began.

This episode of Supergirl featured the DC Comics antagonist Master Jailer, Carl Draper, and his private mission on Earth to hunt down and execute the prisoners of Fort Razz for their various crimes. Large or small, the Master Jailer does not distinguish between severity of crimes nor sentence served nor post-release rehabilitation. The taking of justice into his own hands helps Kara to see the reality of how the DEO is handling their own prisoners, specifically Maxwell Lord.

Jailer, Judge & Jury

The well-known idiom is judge, jury and executioner, of course, which in fact Master Jailer was, but this phrase describes both sides of the coin this week. While the DEO is jailer, judge and jury for an all-purpose prison, the Master Jailer does the same for all the prisoners from Fort Razz. Where they differ is what they actually do with their prisoners; the DEO thinks they’re showing a little compassion by not executing their prisoners–and yes, they are–but being kept in cages is not an even exchange.

One factoid I found interesting was that Prisoner #2444 (the rotten flesh eater) reminds Draper that there is no death penalty on Krypton; and Draper responds, “We’re not on Krypton.” Later, the Professor begs for Draper to fulfill his last request (setting Kara free), to which Draper responds: “Last request. That’s a human concept.” He neither to identifies with Earth, nor Krypton, then praises Alura’s sense of justice. Kara tells him that he dishonors her mother’s memory with his actions, he says that what he’s done is save this city. “This world, humans,” he says, “understand little about justice. Justice must be absolute.”

He really just went ahead and developed his own moral paradigm. Borrowing from Krypton, rejecting human customs, and combining together a set of rules that he thought seemed just. And absolute. It was a fantastic reality check for Kara, seeing what happens when an ethics system is compiled without checks and balances. The system is in place for a reason, not because it works 100% of the time but because it follows a code…and from that code people understand that they’ve been treated fairly.

The Fighting

We had several feedbackers mention this week that they were fans of the action this week! I agree; of the many scenes in which Kara has gone head to head with a villain, the fight scenes in this episode were the best I’ve seen so far. Karen said it looked like a dance, and I totally agree. For once it didn’t look like Kara was flailing, but engaged in the fight.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

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Next Week

Season 1 Episode 15 “Solitude”
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