What happens when someone uses your secret to manipulate you? What happens when brute force is not enough to solve a problem? What if someone takes one of the most important people in your life in exchange for a person that they cherish? Kara will experience all this and more as we re-examine the season two episode Alex. Can Maggie and Kara team up and use both their strengths to save the woman they both love? The way those two squabble, it is good Alex is a crafty woman who is able to save herself. She uses her clothing to buy herself the few extra seconds she needed to survive.

Join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we are reminded why insurance rates are through the roof in National City. Green Butterfly is reminded how she fell in love with the Sanvers ship. This is a beautiful story about how the ones you love will fall in love with others without diminishing the love they have for you. We learn that pizza is always better than paella. We should never put Mon El in charge of dinner. Most importantly, this episode also left K Vox really perplexed! Why should Alex and Maggie consider naming their dog Gertrude when Georgia is a much prettier name! Until next time this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Have a super week!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

The Adventures of Supergirl (2016) #8 dated May 2, 2016 Written by Sterling Gates

Road trip! Kara convinces her big sister that a trip to the Fort Rozz crash site is just what they need to get some answers-but what they find leads to more questions!



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It’s back to our Favorite Episodes, this one will be #11, and this time we’re going backwards to Season 2 – Episode 21 and 22, “Resist” and “Nevertheless She Persisted.” Supergirl faces a huge test in swatting down Daxumites everywhere she looks – all the while taking down the Queen that has Supergirl’s destruction on her priority list! Β Get your feedback in to us by February 23 to be included in the podcast. Thanks!


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