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In “For The Girl Who Has Everything” Kara is forced to choose between the perfect life with a family she lost or live in a world with pain with the family she has made.  Supergirl finds that family makes it a home.  Join the Scarlet Cougar and xforce11 (Geoff) as they discuss this powerful episode of Supergirl.

Hello all, xforce11 here.  Standing in the gap for Miss Ice this week on the blog post as well as the podcast.  I do hope you will forgive me as my style of blogging is different from hers and my flight in from Gotham City has been bumpy 😀 .  Now on to the blog.

Kara’s circle of friends had discovered that she is missing from work and not in action as Supergirl.  James, don’t call him Jimmy, Wynn and Alex head to her home.  Alex doesn’t have a key but she has got her boot and the door is open in one kick.  Kara’s family of friends discover her with the Black Mercy attached and the DEO is summoned for support.  Try as they may Alex and the DEO cannot remove the Black Mercy without killing Kara in the process.  Alex is at her whits end and runs to the hologram computer and begs Kara’s mother for help.  Alura hears Alex’s confession about how she felt about Kara growing up and how badly she wants to save her sister.  Alas hologram Alura can offer neither absolution or a solution to Alex.

Astra learns that Non has used the Black Mercy to take Kara out of the picture without breaking Astra’s command for not hurting her.  Astra is furious with him, but she is divided.  Astra knows that for her family makes it a home, but she sees humanity a curse to the Earth.  She chooses to slip away and help Kara.  Alex is roaming around Kara’s home overwhelmed when Astra arrives.  Alex shoots first and asks questions later.  She accuses Astra of Kara’s plight.  Astra shares that it was Non’s doing.  She says that Kara saved her and she owes it to Kara to help her.  She gives Alex the much need info on the Black Mercy and how to get Kara out.  Astra returns to base.  Non gives the orders to the troops and then questions Astra’s loyalty.  Astra is ready for action and Myriad will be unleashed.

James & Wynn are trying their best to fend of Cat and protect Kara’s normal life.  But it is not good enough and J’onn will have to take up Kara’s mantle.  J’onn quickly learns that playing Supergirl is much easier than being Kara.  J’onn would rather be in Martian prison than dealing with Cat. Cat chews out Kara and sees through the play acting.  She ends up sending Kara away for the day to get her out of her sight.  J’onn has quickly learned that Kara needs her family of friends to help her be Supergirl and survive as Kara.  He permits James & Wynn to be there as Alex goes in to save Kara.  The issue is the DEO does not have the time to make the tech needed to get Alex into Kara’s dream world.  Enter Maxwell Lord!  He bargains to do it for early release, then a case of Dr Pepper and his Netflix, but finally does it to fight off the aliens he despises.

The Black Mercy works by attaching itself to a host and feeding off the body while it grants the host a perfect fantasy.  Only when the host chooses to reject the fantasy can the Black Mercy be removed.  Kara awakes to a perfect Krypton.  She has robotic servants, a complete loving family, a boyfriend, and Non has been banished to the Phantom Zone.  As much as Kara tries to fight it, the Black Mercy is winning by erasing every doubt and memory of Earth.  But even in the midst of it all Kara is protecting Kal-El.  Alex arrives and attempts to convince Kara of the true situation but the Black Mercy prevents it and protects the fantasy.  Alex makes a passionate speech and Kara breaks out of the delusion and chooses reality.

Kara awakes and is out for blood!  She takes on Non as J’onn and Alex take on Astra.  Non escapes by forcing Supergirl to protect innocent humans.  After a battle of words and powers, Alex stabs Astra in the back with a Kryptonite Katana.  Supergirl arrives and says her goodbyes to her aunt, before Non’s forces arrive.  Myriad has been implemented and Non will kill anyone, including Kara, who gets in his way.

As action packed as this episode was, the power was in the dialogue.   The Danvers Sisters fought well with their words and deeds.  In my mind, Chyler Leigh knocked it out of the park as Alex.  She conveyed her love for Kara, her regret for not treating her well as a child, her devotion to her now and her desire to protect her no mater the cost.  J’onn covered for Alex in the death of Astra, because he rightly saw that Alex is Supergirl’s hero.  It was Alex’s words of truth and love that brought Kara around.  You saw the longing on Alex’s face as she shared that she would love if Kara had her Kryptonian family back, but it would not be this.  Alex says “Pain is a part of life.  It makes us who we are.  It makes you a hero.”  Kara takes those words to heart and in her battle with Non says that it is because she has know both love and pan that she will fight for her home, Earth.  It might be a trop espoused from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and many other shows, but it is true.  Family is not always what we are born into, but who we choose.  Kara has chosen friends well and those friends are her family.  And family makes it a home!

Next Episode

Season 1 Episode 14:  “Truth, Justice and ahe American Way” – Supergirl does battle with the deadly Master Jailer (Jeff Branson), who is hunting and executing escaped Fort Rozz prisoners. Also, Cat hires a second assistant, Siobhan Smythe (Italia Ricci), who immediately tries to one-up Kara, and Kara and James disagree over the DEO’s methods, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Feb. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.



Flash & Supergirl








Supergirl and Flash crossover first photos:  http://www.newsarama.com/27925-first-set-photo-from-supergirl-flash-crossover.html

Action Comics 595Cougar’s Comic Corner

This week’s selection is Action Comics Vol. 1 #595 by John Byrne

From Karen:
Byrne can be a little controversial at times, but he’s a monster talent in the comic book industry. He’s worked on such titles as X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man; and he’s been inducted into the Comic Book “Hall of Fame”

The Synopsis for this book is as follows:

A black-and-white clad woman with a skull-painted face calling herself the Silver Banshee terrorizes Metropolis by rampaging through bookstores looking for a certain book while killing whoever she touches. When Superman confronts her, he discovers (though seemingly a bit too late) that it’s not her touch that kills, but rather her voice. As Metropolis mourns for the loss of Superman as he lies lifeless in his coffin, his ghost seemingly emerges to carry on the fight. As Silver Banshee plows through another bookstore in order to find the book, she confronts Superman’s ghost, who is unaffected by her killing voice, nor by her deadly scream. As she vanishes, Superman appears alive, revealing that the Silver Banshee’s voice had only rendered him unconscious, and that his “ghost” was really the Martian Manhunter, who both discover that the Silver Banshee’s power has no effect over somebody whose identity is masked.

Some theories are floating around that Siobhan Smythe from the next new episode is really Siobhan McDougal whose alter-ego is The Silver Banshee. Whether she is or not, this is a very entertaining issue, and it includes one of our favorite heroes as the “surprise guest”, J’onn J’onzz.

Amazon Link for Kindle and ComiXology is HERE


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