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What happens when an angry alien annihilates an android? Karen and Emilee hop on the mic to talk about it, that’s what! Welcome to the Maid of Steel podcast, a podcast dedicated to the CBS television series Supergirl. We are excited that you decided to join us for Season 1 Episode 6, entitled “Red-Faced”, featuring a ton of iconic DC characters, including Red Tornado, Dr. T. O. Morrow, and General Sam Lane.

Angry Alien

We’ve all lost our cool. We’ve all been pushed to far and snap. We all know what it’s like to struggle silently. This was a very relatable episode! I’ve always had the problem of being stronger than I look, and, actually, stronger than I realize I am. It took me a long time to understand that holding back doesn’t mean sacrificing my own strength; having control over my own strength is actually a better demonstration of its usefulness than overdoing it every single time.

This problem would be particularly poignant in situations like playful pillow fights or slap fights, where the girls are just having a fun time, then I come in, all excitable, and wail on someone. I can remember a particular instance when I somehow managed to give my sister a nice, big ol’ black and blue mark on her thigh when we were kids. We were playing and laughing in a tent with another friend and, for some reason, I thought that punching her was an appropriate response to the situation.

My issues weren’t always anger, at least, not on the surface. But there is almost always anger behind the action; anger behind the struggle, behind the frustration, behind the sadness. And until we can call out that anger by name, it will be impossible to resolve that issue on the surface. I learned control by realizing I was scared of people thinking I wasn’t capable of doing something. I realized that I liked being strong and by using that strength where people weren’t expecting it, I could get people to notice that I wasn’t someone to overlook. At least, that’s what I thought I was doing. In reality, I was likely making people a little frightened and not want to spend time with me.
In a similar way, Kara was dedicated to proving herself against Red Tornado. She wanted to show Lucy and General Lane that she was better than some animatronic android. Supergirl has spent her entire career as a superhero in the shadow of her cousin, in the shadow of every female stereotype, and even in the shadow of her human self. When her human persona, Kara, cannot garner respect from her own boss, what hope is there for Supergirl?

Using the Toyota as a punching bag was a good call, but it was the honesty she let loose in the midst of it all that was the most effective maneuver. She called out her demons and now can stand against them.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

This week, the Scarlet Cougar recommends JLA (Book 3): Rock of Ages! Here’s a little info about what you can expect:

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Kyle Raynor), Aquaman (Orin, King of Atlantis), and Martian Manhunter…each a mighty hero in their own right, possessed of power beyond mortal imagination. But together, united under a common banner, they are the ultimate, world-shaking, gob-smacking dream team – The Justice League of America! Prepare to meet the Injustice Society, malevolent versions of the JLA’s greatest heroes. But behind this lethally effective force lies an even greater threat, its aim the total destruction of the JLA. It’s the new JLA’s greatest battle. Superhero action doesn’t come any bigger and better than this!

For even more information, go here.

Next Week

Only 2 weeks before the mid-season finale! We can go into the Christmas season reassured that Supergirl will return to rock a miniskirt in 2016. Next week’s episode is called: “Human for a Day.”


The listener response to each episode has been tremendous, and we LOVE it! Please keep it coming. Audio, text, good will, whatever you can spare. Head on over to our feedback page and use the handy dandy form over there.


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