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Hello and welcome back to the Maid of Steel podcast! We are a podcast dedicated to the CBS television series Supergirl. This week, Karen is unable to join me, Emilee, and in her stead we recruited Michael to fill in! You might know Mike’s voice from one of my favorite podcasting duos of all time, Mike and Dave, who began with Continuum and are currently hosting a podcast for another superhero television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. sg-105-confrontationMike and I talk about Kara’s adventures in babysitting during season 1 episode 5 “How Does She Do It?” which originally aired on November 23, 2015.

Remember, chronologically this episode occurs after episode 4 “Livewire”, in case you were confused. Last week CBS responded to the atrocious acts of terror committed on Paris by delaying their bomb-centric episode a week. While much of what happens in “Livewire” was not dependent on the events of this week’s episode, there were certain elements that helped to clarify relational-type details, such as the Jimmy-Lucy relationship, Winn’s affections for Kara (as though they needed to be explained), and even a little of the dynamics between Kara and Cat.

Adventures in Babysitting

If Cat had a Nanny Cam, it would be safe to assume that Kara would never be hired as a babysitter again for her son or for any other child whose parent had access to the internet. By far the worst choice for a babysitter. That said, there is no way Cat could know that! sg-105-explosions-in-the-sky In all fairness to Kara, she can’t expect to be put through a series of tests orchestrated by Maxwell Lord that would draw her away from babysitting duties, but neither should it be completely out of her mind to ignore the fact she now has a duty to the city. Carrying on a dual identity will have its challenges, and perhaps one of them is a rather limited approach to her day job.

Live and learn, right? That’s the advice Cat gives to Kara at the end. You learn to juggle life’s challenges by juggling one thing, then another, then another. Not all at once and certainly not right away. It’s endearing that Cat find this advice almost laborious to give to Kara. As she still knows very little about her assistant, it’s not surprising that her reaction is more of a frustration than it is one of kindness. Hopefully as a result of the events and information exchange in Livewire, Cat will be a little more forgiving of Kara’s ignorance, and innocence. Though we don’t want her to be totally forgiving, as then we wouldn’t get her awesome quips!
The adventures in babysitting ultimately lead to a great reveal at the end of the episode. The drone, the bombs, they were all tests orchestrated by Maxwell Lord. The first drone was designed to test her agility, the first bomb was designed to test her strength, the second bomb was designed to test her speed, and the third and fourth bombs were to understand her logic. As I mention on the podcast, I’m not entirely sure Maxwell’s deductions fly with me, but we will see in the weeks to come.

Friend Zone

“You’ve spent more time in the Friend Zone than the Phantom Zone!” This is the sisterly observation Alex makes about Kara’s life. Kara has been made into the really friendly, next-door-neighbor, good-girl persona, with whom it’s easy to fall into a pattern of friendship. It’s nice to see her put her foot down in the scene with Jimmy depicted here in this photo, but in spite of what it means for her own love life, I am so glad Kara is that girl who will sacrifice her own happiness (or hope of happiness) for the interests of her friend.
But it’s cyclical, right? Jimmy friend-zoned Kara, Kara friend-zoned Winn. It’s a nasty cycle! None of us are shy about requesting these love-triangles and love-squares find progressive resolution, but in spite of the drama, I really do like the relationship (the friendship) that is resulting from the interactions between Kara and Jimmy. He might have his hands full with Lucy, but this television show isn’t called LUCY LANE! It’s Supergirl. And how can Jimmy resist a flying chick in a skirt? Wow, that sounded awful. To be fair, Lucy said it first. I was just repeating. But I think it’s that attitude from Lucy that will ultimately be the end of that relationship. Jimmy knows both sides of Supergirl and won’t stand for anything that Lucy tries to dish out.

As Mike asks, does anyone really like Lucy??

Adult Collectibles

I’m still looking for a good, direct shot of Winn’s desk. There are a couple toys I’ve been able to make out, but so far they seem insignificant to me in terms of current events. I saw a Star Wars one at one point, and a puzzle toy, but from what I can see in this photo, it’s just an assortment of trinkets. That tall pointy red thing on the left, is that a rocket of some sort? sg-105-winns-desk

Cougar’s Comic Corner

In preparation for next week’s Red Tornado-centric episode, the Scarlet Cougar suggests Justice League of America Annual #3 (1985) by Dan Mishkin. It’s a pretty quick read and will give you a little comic-background on the character to compare it to what comes to life on our television screens!


As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to every episode of Supergirl. We record our podcast on Wednesday evenings, so if you like responding to episodes as they air, keep that in mind! You can use our extremely easy feedback form to submit written feedback, upload an audio file, or record a voicemail with our SpeakPipe widget. I will get better at remembering to include blog comments in on our feedback section if that is your preference (wink, nudge).


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