Welcome back to the Maid of Steel podcast! Karen and I (Emilee) are back for Season 1 Episode 2 “Stronger Together” which originally aired on November 2, 2015. We both really enjoyed this episode, from the great quips by Cat Grant and one-liners by Kara, to the genuine heart-to-hearts between Kara and James and Kara and her sister Alex. Through two episodes, Supergirl is already proving that it has the acting chops to encompass the breadth of human emotions, and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to talk about it!

Kara tells Jimmy what being his own man REALLY means

Learning Curve

Kara had to overcome a very particular fear in this episode. And by fear I’m referring to the anxiety that overwhelmed her at the prospect of having a sitdown with Cat Grant. That they did a really good job of establishing a sort of mask for Kara’s fear at the beginning, so that when she could finally give her fear a name it was no longer a concern. The first thing she tells James is that there’s no way Cat wouldn’t see right through Supergirl and into Kara. But James points out that in spite of how closely Kara works with her boss, the woman doesn’t see her now.

Ouch. Still, it’s true and Kara can use that to her advantage. Except that currently her fear of Cat is mixed up in the faux pas she’s making as Supergirl. Taking on too much too quickly isn’t bolstering her confidence, it’s damaging her reputation and, as such, is giving Kara a defeatist attitude. Supergirl hasn’t earned the trust of the city she wants to serve, and Kara likely expected something of a hero’s welcome when she arrived on the scene; the world knows Superman, wouldn’t they want a hero of their own?

All this changes when Cat lays down some insight on Kara, in a way only Cat Grant can. The woman who embraced Supergirl, branded her, is now interested in defacing that same property. It shouldn’t be all that surprising to Kara since she does work for a media mogul. But it’s personal, so I get it. But in a desperate attempt to understand Cat’s reasoning behind Supergirl-bashing, Kara gets an earful of everything Supergirl is doing wrong.
Some day, all of this will be yours
This is what I love about experience. Sometimes we, or someone in our lives, are able to provide insight into something that they have no direct experience in (i.e. Cat has never been a superhero) but can speak about a certain process that leads to a desired outcome (i.e. Cat worked her way to the top under Perry White, then set off on her own). Cat knows what hard work means and explains the learning curve to Kara in a way that’s a little sassy, but very confident. And James, as a photographer, has also worked his way up the food chain. He tells Kara that he went from a nervous little kid with a camera to a well known name because of Superman. The media will always be around to tell a superhero exactly what they did wrong because they’re not interested in feelings, they’re interested in Gotcha! Viewership.

When we leave Cat and Supergirl at the end of the episode, they are by no means equals. Cat has an edge on experience, Supergirl might have an edge on fame now, but they both have reasons to see each other as equals now. And if Cat doesn’t respect that, then she’s even colder than we thought!

Winn’s Desk

If we needed any more hints that Winn was connected to his namessake villain in some way, his desk is covered in toys. beep beep boop beep boop blip blippity beepThis was the best screen capture I could get, but I see a couple good ones! Is that an R2-D2 bobblehead? The wood thing sort of hidden by a robot and what appears to be a nesting doll is a educational toy that transforms into a box or a block man. A co-worker of mine has that one, actually.

We might have to keep an eye on these toys!

Cameron Chase Joining Supergirl

As discussed on the podcast, we learned this week that Emma Caulfield, from Buffy fame, has been cast in the role of Cameron Chase. Karen recommends the detailed blog of her friend Charles Skaggs to learn more about the character and the actress.
In the course of my own searching of this character, I found this tasty little morsel… With a reference to DEO and everything!

Cougar’s Comic Corner

This week, The Scarlet Cougar recommends us to check out the 3-Part Invasion! series (1989) featuring the JLI (Justice League International) and Maxwell Lord! It looks like we’ll be getting the Maxwell Lord character on a recurring basis for a while, so it’d be helpful to have a little insight into who he is in the comics.

Next Week

Season 1 Episode 3: “Fight or Flight”


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