We really picked two amazing Jack Klugman Twilight Zone episodes in which each had its own version of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. One episode was darker than the other, but Klugman’s phenomenal acting was a bright, dichotomous dark star. In “A Passage For Trumpet” we explore the dark side of creativity and have a meta discussion of what is real when you perform inebriated versus when you perform sober. Clearly, Robert wished he would have had buckets of disinfecting alcohol to clean off double licked mouthpieces. And People, Please, Do Not Thump, or Tap a trumpet mouthpiece! But in “In Praise of Pip,” Klugman’s character gets his wish to die instead of his son. Problem is he is already dying, but Klugman’s performance doesn’t risk dying and so does that brilliant performance once again of child actor Billy Mummy. Simply put, Klugman is right up there with Shatner, Meredith, Hoffman, Brando, and Hackman as an actor’s actor. Just a fantastically intense actor. As always, we invite you to contact us with your thoughts. Thanks, and Enjoy!

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