After a very, very long time of waiting, the fifth and true finale to the Indiana Jones franchise has finally been released to theaters. With JJ continuously being hyped for this movie for years on end, we had to do an episode focused on the new film and our thoughts on it, from a diehard Indy fan, and from a more casual viewer of the films. JJ and Blake both discuss the final entry in the franchise, talking about what they enjoyed and thought they did well, what they think could’ve been improved, and how well this movie acted as a conclusion to the films. Before getting to the main discussion, they also discuss what they’ve done Disney lately, which include some Spider-Man, Cars, and some new releases from Disney and 20th Century Fox. If you have seen the new Indiana Jones, or maybe if you want to be convinced to go see it, or maybe you just want to hear us talk, tune in and I’m sure you’ll get something out of today’s episode.

What did you think of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny? Did you enjoy it, or did it maybe not meet your expectations? Let us know, and connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you!

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