Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s Rod Serling wrote several stories aimed at shedding light on racial issues with blacks in America. His stories were often watered down or changed to other racial groups by network executives or sponsors, leaving Rod in a state of frustration. When JFK was gunned down in Dallas on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, Rod was inspired to write “I am the Night – Color Me Black,” an episode which not only addresses racism and bigotry head on, but it also addressed hate all over the world.

“I am the Night” released in March of 1964, and it can be challenging for today’s audience to appreciate its impact or tone. To help us better understand life in the 1960’s for black Americans, and give us a perspective on how things are today, we’re joined this month by Rodney Barnes. Rodney is a thirty year veteran of Hollywood, working on projects like “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Major Payne,” “The Green Mile, and “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.” Most recently, Rodney is the executive producer and co-writer of the HBO Max Docu—Dramedy called “Winning Time.” He is also a critically acclaimed Graphic Novelist with his killidelphia Series.

We had a very enlightening and enjoyable conversation with Rodney, and it’s our honor to bring you this discussion for this month’s episode of Entering the Fifth Dimension.

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