We’ve made it back to our reality! Although we have slightly differing opinions regarding this episode of Debris, we do both agree that it’s always a blast to talk about this fantastic show! “I Am Icarus” concludes the arc that last week’s episode set into motion, resolving the issue of Bryan being displaced in an alternate reality and repeated reality resets damaging the universe. We meet a new alternate partner named Gibson, this time being Finola’s partner, and we even get to see a very much alive (and apparently not resurrected) George Jones still working at Orbital! All of these different possibilities of how things could have played out are definitely exciting to see and remind us of a certain other sci-fi show that showrunner J.H. Wyman once helmed. We also seem to get confirmation as to how Anson Ash seemed to be hearing the song that Finola was listening to several episodes ago. We hope that you will connect with us and be a part of our feedback episode, so hit us up at any one of our various contact methods! 

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