Bane has been created out of the ruins of Eduardo’s body. Professor Hugo Strange is working overtime ready to remake Jim. Barbara is in labor and Lee is trying to convince her not to run. Penguin and Ridder are ready to take the sub and leave by are held up by Babs.

There Is No Eduardo, Only Bane Is:

GU99 - I Am Bane - Nyssa Bane

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Hugo pumps Eduardo full of stimulants and the venom serum. We see the very familiar, to the comics and Burton film, blood vessels changing and muscles changing. He is equipped with a breathing device and is ready for action. That is bad news for Gotham and for our heroes.

General Wade (John Bedford Lloyd) and the Army arrive at the GCPD. It has been a year since the bridges fell, and a six month time jump for us. The GCPD has extended the Green Zone across the island and Lucius and Bruce have cleaned the water from Jeremiah’s toxins. The General’s techs confirm this. But the celebration is short lived. Bane and the henchmen arrive. They easily take out the soldiers and capture Bruce, Jim and General Wade. Later Jim awakens and Eduardo tells him that he has been Bane since Pena Durro. The experience of being burried alive and digging out multiple times made him something else. Walker saw that and between she and Hugo it was brought out. He is only Bane now.

Walker comes in and Jim confronts her. He says he does not know what to call her, because it is not Walker. She say Bruce has the answer and he is brought in. Jim says they have him and the General, she needs to let Bruce go. But she says he is the reason she is there. Bane tortures Jim to help Bruce realize who Walker really is. He finally realizes she is Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter. Nyssa al Ghul (Jamie Murray) is going to destroy Gotham, making Bruce watch and then let him die. But she knows it was not all on Bruce. She is out to end Barbara’s life as well.

Jim is sent to Hugo for reshaping, Bane heads to the clinic after Barbara, and Nyssa is off on a mission. Bruce burns his way through his ropes and takes out the guards. He radios Alfred and Selina and sends them to the clinic to help. Hugo is ready to transform Jim physically and then chip him to make him a soldier for Nyssa. He cannot be bargained with. But the stimulants Hugo is pumping in Jim’s body give him the strength he needs. He escapes and frees General Wade. He checks him for chip implant scar, but finds none.

Bruce joins them and tells them about Nyssa’s plan to have the government raze Gotham. The General says he can stop it if they get to the Army HQ. They head over the the HQ, which is near the GCPD. Harvey tells Jim he is the father of a girl, Lee and Babs are safe, and are headed to the Sirens Club. But the good news is crushed. General Wade has been chipped. He orders the city razed and our heroes taken into custody. Jim takes out the guards and frees Bruce, Harvey and himself, but the bombing has already started. Bane gets knocked around by Alfred’s car, but he easily swats away Selina. Alfred pulls him into a fight, but Alfred is no match for him. Bane slams Alfred into a light pole and leaves a shattered Alfred. Selina is crying over him.

Babs & Lee and Baby Makes Three:

GU99 - I Am Bane - Babs Lee

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Barbara is in labor and pressures Lee for a timeline. She wants to get herself and the baby out of Gotham. Through the process of the delivery, Lee finds out why. Barbara is scared that Jim will take away the baby or worse, the people after her would kill the baby. Lee builds trust with her. They become a team with Lee pushing Babs, while she fires with two guns taking out Nyssa’s forces. They make it to the ambulance bay. Lee says that Jim will help her and the baby and she will help if Babs lets her. They make amends, but the baby is coming and so is Bane. Alfred and Selina arrive just in time to knock Bane down. Lee and Barbara escape and Barbara has the baby, a girl. They head to the Sirens Club, only to find it a massacre site. Nyssa has taken out the League ladies who worked for Babs. She is ready for revenge.

We All Live In Penguin’s Submarine:

GU99 - I Am Bane - Penguin Riddler

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Riddler has finished the sub and Penguin has loaded it up with gold. Barbara arrives and Riddler immediately questions her weight. The weight in the sub it is a matter of life and death and Penguin will not give up any gold. The discussion does not go too far, because Babs goes into labor. Penguin sends her off to the clinic and promises they will wait. They have not plans to wait. Penguin gives his farewell speech to Gotham. However they cannot leave. Barbara has taken the sub’s pressure regulator. So they are off to the clinic to get it from her.

She says that they will get it when she has delivered the baby. They have to protect her from Bane. They don’t have the ammo for a big assault, but Riddler uses his mind to improvise a bomb. It has no effect on Bane. Riddler has stolen the regulator back and they are off to the sub. But we know from episode one and the preview they won’t be leaving just yet.

Closing Thoughts:

I Am Bane set us up for the last two episodes of the season. We saw the introduction of Nyssa al Ghul in the world of Gotham. She is set to make Bruce and Barbara’s worlds hell since they killed her father. It looks like her father’s vision of Gotham in flames is coming to be. I enjoyed Jamie Murray’s performance this week. It seems like all the people of the city will have to band together to stop the Army and Bane. I enjoyed Nyssa and Bane in this ep, but John was not too thrilled about the writing of Nyssa and compared to the Arrowverse. Shane’s Bane is no Tom Hardy, but I enjoyed what we saw. It looks like next episode takes us back to the opening scene of episode one of the season. But we have to wait a month.


They Did What?:  No new Gotham until April 18. April 4th will be a repeat of “Penguin, Our Hero” and April 11 “Ruin.” This will mean Ep 11 “They Did What?” will air on April 18 and the season finale “The Beginning” will air on April 25. That is 79 years to the day of Batman #1.

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