The Trial of Jim Gordon saw him fight for his life. Ivy put the whammy on just about all the other men in the group. Babs fought to keep the peace for Jim. Lee saved Jim and ended up as a bride.

Ivy Puts Gotham on Trial:

GU98 - The Trial of Jim Gordon - Ivy Lee

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Ivy wants to keep Gotham cut off from the mainland so she can make it a garden for her plants. In her trial the people of Gotham are sentenced to death. In her multi-part plan, she must put multiple players into action. She controls Bruce and sends him to the water treatment plan. There, Bruce sprays her perfume on Lucius. Together  they reverse the water treatment and push Jeremiah’s toxins back into the water. Thankfully Selina knocks sense back into both of them and the process is corrected.

Ivy has gotten control of Victor Zsasz and sends him after Jim. She knows with Jim out of the picture the city will fall into chaos and there will be no reunification with the mainland. Victor fails the first time. She arrives at the GCPD and sends him to be a distraction. He swaggers into the squad room shooting at the cops and declaring how much he loves Ivy. Alfred, Alvarez and the other cops provide cover for Harvey as he slips off to the equipment room. He pulls out the same bomb suit Ed used. He distracts Zsasz and then takes him out. Ivy is about to finish Jim off but Lee wounds her by a gut shot. She escapes, but not before smashing Lee’s adrenaline.

Gordon’s Trial in Dreamland:

GU98 - The Trial of Jim Gordon - Dreamland

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Jim tried to broker a ceasefire among the gangs, but Ivy had other plans and had Zsasz shoot him. In his struggle between life and death he stands trail for his failings in Gotham. Earlier in the episode Lee questions his motives and personality. She wants a life with him, but he takes everything on as his responsibility. Thrown in this dreamland, his mind uses the time to show him his failings and motivations. He accuses himself for Gotham’s failings, the separation from the mainland, the rise of the gangs, the bombing of Haven and more. Lee comes to accuse him of breaking her heart, the loss of their child, and her struggles. He is found guilty. Then we see a wake for him. He is behind bars when all the villains he has fought are free and celebrating his passing. The young Havenite Will leads him to the electric chair.   Lee offers him one more chance with a child and he is still unsure. As the switch is thrown, Jim decides to live.

All this time, Harvey has been busy finding out who shot Jim and leading the GCPD. He urges Babs to help by keeping the peace with the gangs. She does by poising the leaders and strong arming a cease fire.  Lee removes the bullet from Jim and begs him to wake up. While waiting, Alfred comes in and reassures her that she will make a great mother to Jim & Barbara’s child. He is her sounding board about Jim and she fights to save him. He comes out if it and asks her to marry him.

One month later, we have a wedding in the Church of Law and Justice. Jim and Lee are married surrounded by co-workers, friends and family. Who better to officiate, but Harvey. Jim and Lee have each gone through their own trial this episode. Both came out if it ready to love each other and work to make it work together. Meanwhile Oswald is being the devil on Barbara’s shoulder. She did all that work for Jim, but he was never going to see her needs. He only has eyes for Lee. Babs wants to escape. Penguin says Jim will hunt her down. But Babs is ready.

The Trial of Young Lovers:

GU98 - The Trial of Jim Gordon - Bat Cat

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Bruce takes Selina on a raid for supplies, but in truth it is a date. After the best canned meal Selina has ever eaten, they talk the future. Bruce laments the loss of Wayne Manor, but Selina assures him that Gotham is home. He agrees, but feels like Gotham would be better without him in it. He recounts the villains that have come to town because of him. Their love is put on trial when Ivy and the head of the Mutants Gang come to call. Ivy hits Bruce with her love and control perfume and he is under her spell. Selina is left to fight off the Mutant leader. She escapes and tracks Bruce down to the water treatment plant. She does not want to fight Bruce, but he forces her hand. She strikes back at him out of the fear of loosing him. Her blows knock him out of Ivy’s spell. Later at Jim & Lee’s wedding, Bruce wants to talk about what she said at the plant, but they are stopped by the ceremony. Inspired by the love in the room Bruce kisses Selina boldly.

Closing Thoughts:

The Trial of Jim Gordon was written by Ben McKenzie and directed by Erin Richards. it was the last episode of Gotham filmed. Where last week’s ep felt like a filler add in, this one helped move the characters forward. We got a wedding in the Church of Law and Justice. Donal Logue shone as Harvey in this ep. He stepped up and lead the GCPD, he found Jim’s shooter and took him down, and he was the perfect irreverent minister. The Trial looked at the character of Jim and helped him move forward. It was a well shot story and well written. LOVED the wedding so beautiful. I hate we have a break next week, but this one was a fun one to hold us over.


I Am Bane:
On the precipice of Gotham’s reunification, Gordon and Bruce find themselves face-to-face with a newly transformed Eduardo, and discover the real mastermind behind the city’s current chaos. Meanwhile, a pregnant Barbara turns to Lee for help in the all-new “I Am Bane” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 21 (8:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-508) (TV-14 L, V)

March 28: repeat of Trespassers and  it is looking like the last two eps will be April 18th & 25th.

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