It is time to do a series wrap of Gotham. Now that the season is over and we have had time to reflect on the season and the series as a whole, it is time for you, our Undercover Agents to share. We discuss characters, actors, and storylines.

My Series Wrap Thoughts:

So here are are my series wrap thoughts. I heard about this series and it was billed as a GCPD centered series. I thought it would be an interesting change of pace and view on things. I came to the series and the podcast and was ready to talk.

Season 1 was strong with the other characters. I enjoyed season 1 however, Fish Mooney drew the series down for me. The creators made a role for Jada and it just didn’t work. It may have brought viewers to the show having her on it but, for me it didn’t work. I also hated Barbara. They didn’t know what to do with her and she was annoying. But overall, I really dug it. When asked to become the co-host for season 2, I jumped at the chance.

Season 2 of Gotham saw the show flourish. We saw the introduction of Jerome and the cult of the Joker, the Galavan’s and so much more. The season hit on all cylinders. It was powerful and made me love the series.

Season 3 saw more villains rise and our heroes having to stand firm in the face of the great opposition. We saw the Court of The Owls and our buddy Hugo Strange. Again it was another strong season.

Season 4 was flat out amazing. Joker, Professor Pyg, Ra’s al ghoul, and Stabby Babs were all fighting to rule the city. Bruce had to take major steps in his journey to be come Batman. Jim was stretched to the breaking point. We had Lee standing up for the the people of the Narrows and Ed/Riddler becoming her love. It was probably my favorite season.

Season 5 was, for the most, part very good. I really felt the effects from the fact that they were given an initial episode count and then had it extended. They handled it well, but it was a bit uneven. I felt like the penultimate episode was really the season finale and the last episode was a look ahead. I felt both could have been 2 hours long to cover what needed to happen. Over all, I was happy with the season but, truly wish they had kept Camren as Selina for the last episode.

While the show moved more to more of an evolution of Bruce into Batman, the core of the show was always Jim Gordon. He had to be Gotham’s defender until Batman could take it all on. We saw a growth of Jim through the series as he went from a new detective fighting the darkness to a commissioner ready to use all of the tools around him to defend and protect the city. Bruce’s growth was huge. The weight and calling on his life grew and he thankfully learned much from Alfred and Jim. He still has a way to go to be that fully formed Batman but, he is on his way. The whole cast of characters grew and evolved. I was quite happy with how they were written and acted. I personally like Donal’s portrayal of Harvey best out off all of the portrayals of the character. BD Wong’s Hugo was wonderful. But the stand outs in my mind are Camren, Robin, Cory and Cameron. These actors had small roles before Gotham but, they grew so much during the series, it was amazing. They inhabited their characters and really shined. I cannot wait to see what they do next.

Your Series Wrap Thoughts:

You really made this podcast with all of your thoughts through the years. I really wish we could have had series wrap thoughts from all of you. But we did have a great group of folks leave us feedback. It was wonderful to hear what you had to say!

Closing Thoughts:

I want to say thank you to GSM’s co-founder Darrell Darnell for allowing this podcast on the network and for allowing me to be a part. Thank you to Tim Arthur and Ryan Boyles for getting this podcast started in Season 1. Thanks to Karen Lindsay and John McGrail for joining me on the ride ever since. We are grateful to be small part of the Gotham family and the GSM group of shows. But most of all we thank YOU our Undercover Agents for being a part of the community for 5 seasons. You have faithfully left feedback, commented on blog posts and tweets, and been very active in our Facebook group. We are so thankful for you! Some of you have been with the podcast since season 1 episode 1 and some of you found us in season 5. Regardless we are so grateful to have your voices in the community. Podcasting is about connecting people with a shared passion and giving us an out let to share our thoughts. We are so glad we have you!

Cougar’s Comic Corner:

To get you prepared for Batwoman, here are links to volumes 1-6 of Batwoman (New 52). They are a great read and worth your time!

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Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology
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Batwoman Vol. 3: World’s Finest
Batwoman Vol. 4: This Blood is Thick
Batwoman Vol. 5: Webs
Batwoman Vol. 6: The Unknowns


OK Undercover Agents, now that we have the series wrap complete I have some news for you. As you know, this season of the podcast has been different because our Scarlet Cougar, Karen, has had health issues that have kept her away. Unfortunately they are preventing her from podcasting for the near future. This breaks her heart, and ours! I love podcasting with Karen and it has been rough this season without her voice. I missed her extensive knowledge, in depth analysis, and her personality.  John has been my co-pilot and a great co-host this season. However, he needs to put his full focus on Maid of Steel. So I had to think about things.

I have been talking about us covering Batwoman this Fall. I spent the Spring reading the first several volumes of the New 52 introduction of Batwoman. The storylines are powerful and she has some great villains. I think story-wise they will have great material to work with and awesome characters. I fully intend on watching the series to see what they do. I am a bit concerned about if the CW will push the politics and agendas that, to me, draw Supergirl down. I’m afraid it will be even more heavy pushed. That gives me pause. When I podcast on things, I want to be able to come to it with passion and positivity. I just don’t know if I can do that for Batwoman. All that to say, Karen and I will not be covering Batwoman on Gotham Undercover. At this point, it is unclear if other hosts on the network will pick it up and cover the show. But stay tuned to the Facebook group. We will offer you a place to discuss Gotham, Batwoman and all things Batman related there. If someone decides to cover Batwoman on GSM you will hear it there first. I will be podcasting with my buddy Wayne on season 2 of Castle Rock on our Castle Rocks Zone here on GSM.

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