In this introductory episode to Gracepoint Revealed Podcast, we introduce the hosts, Darrell Darnell and Clint Wichert, as well as give you an introduction to the show, Gracepoint. Gracepoint is the US version of the critically acclaimed UK show, Broadchurch. While Gracepoint and Broadchurch share some important common elements, it’s important to note that these two shows will end up being quite different.

Throughout this introductory episode we talk about how David Tennant’s character will be different in Gracepoint, how the plots of the two shows will be different, and why the audience should be able to enjoy each show fully, even if they’ve seen the other version of it. We don’t spoil anything from Broadchurch in our discussion.

We also give a brief run down of each of the characters, tell you how you can be a part of our podcast each week, and help us solve the mystery of whodunit on Gracepoint.

Don’t miss the series premiere of Gracepoint on FOX, October 2 at 9pm Eastern and Pacific, 8pm Central.

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