As an epilogue to their podcast series on Gracepoint, Clint and Darrell are back for one more episode. In this episode all topics are up for discussion and spoilers are not avoided. That means that if you have not yet seen Broadchurch season 1, don’t listen to this podcast or you will be spoiled. However, if you don’t mind spoilers, or better yet, if you’ve seen both Broadchurch and Gracepoint, then fire up the play button!

In this episode Clint and Darrell talk about the two series and what they liked about each one. Each has his own opinion of which series was superior, and which scenes, performances, and elements were preferred between the two series. They talk about what they would have like to have seen done differently, why the shows may have been more different than many people realize, and give a teaser for Broadchurch season 2.

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