So much, so much happened here, and so much is about to! Welcome to The Fringe Podcast Rewatch! Hosted by Darrell and Chris, the podcast is a revival of sorts of the award-winning The Fringe Podcast, only this time, we’re reflecting back on the series as a whole nearly a decade after its epic conclusion in January of 2013, bringing you bi-weekly discussions of each and every episode of Fringe‘s run of 100 episodes! Beginning, of course, with the show’s pilot episode which aired on September 9, 2008, we share our favorite moments from the episode and reflect on our reactions and theories when we first saw it, agreeing that the Fringe pilot is one of the best pilot episodes of any show ever. We touch upon September’s very first appearance on the series and also discuss some of the connections that the pilot has to later episodes of the series. A few members of the Fringe fandom even offer their own insight, and if you would like to be a part of the listener feedback section in the future and/or sign up to be a co-host, hit us up via one of the methods of contact below! 

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