It has been five months since we last checked in with our Superheroes and a lot has transpired. No matter which Earth you are on, our beloved characters are suffering consequences. Crime is down but suffering is up as we pick up their stories.

Kara is a very distracted Supergirl. She may be “The Girl of Steel” but she is feeling broken. She is channeling all her efforts into being a Superhero and letting her friends and her career as a Journalist fall by the wayside. She made the sacrifice to save the world but now she doesn’t want to live in it. She doesn’t want to be human any more. Catco has been left vulnerable by the exit of Cat Grant. The consequence of this is Morgan Edge came in and bought a majority of the company stock. Luckily Mr. Edge was thwarted by Lena Luthor. Lena is a formidable opponent and her being at the helm of Catco should lead to some great stories this season. There is a mysterious pod in National City Bay which I am convinced will add to the consequences in National City. I am glad that by the end of the premiere episode Kara seems ready to let her friends back in.

I was a little disappointed in the Flash premiere. I was looking forward to exploring the idea of Central City without Barry Allen. I love Barry and I wanted him back but I also wanted to see the team fight Metahumans without him for a couple of episodes. However I do feel that there will be consequences to Barry’s time in the speed force and that will be fun to explore. I wonder if some of the nonsense words he was saying are clues to things that will happen as the season progresses. Julian chose to save Caitlin and there are consequences there too. Killer Frost is definitely still a part of Caitlin and I wonder how long it will be before the team discovers that.

On Legends Sara made the decision to visit a timeframe that her team had already been to in order to save Amaya. What happened next is The Legends broke time! I mean like dinosaurs in Los Angeles broken. Rip Hunter has formed a Time Bureau to run around and fix all the anachronisms The Legends have caused. What will turn out to be the biggest problem? Will it be Julius Caesar taking over the world? Perhaps it will be that professor Stein’s daughter who is an aberration herself is now having a baby. I know no matter what happens The Legends will handle it even if they do use a chainsaw sometimes.

Last season on Arrow Prometheus caused the ultimate consequence. He killed himself, blowing up Lian Yu and putting Oliver’s entire team at risk. Over a decade ago Moira Queen made a choice to hide Oliver’s child from him. Now Oliver must raise a child that he doesn’t know. To makes matter worse William blames him for his Mother’s death. We have seen Oliver the playboy, Oliver the hero and Oliver the Mayor. Now I am excited to explore Oliver the Father this season. Will Oliver be Mayor of Star City much longer? I feel the citizens of Star City may be less than thrilled to have a vigilante in City Hall. We will have to tune in to find out.

gothamConsequences are also mounting in Gotham for our young “Dark Knight”. He is still learning how to keep his city safe and has a lot to learn from Alfred. Jim may face some consequences due to going to bed with the mob. Poor Ed is struggling with the effects of being frozen. Ivy may suffer consequences of poison. Everyone has a reason to fear Ra’s al Ghul. What effects will his presence and the Lazarus pit have on the city of Gotham?

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