Joined by one of our listeners, Rick, this month we look at one of the most highly regarded Twilight Zone episodes of all time: “Eye of the Beholder.”  

Darrell has a lot of books and DVD’s about the show. Robert reads everything he can find on the Net that is related to the show. Rick, my friends has Rick—which means an encyclopedic mind that can rattle off a list of episodes that didn‘t originally air plus he knows nearly everything else there is to know about the cast member’s previous and latter work. IMDB, Rick is calling and needs you to cite him for everything you know. 

Seriously though, what a pleasure it was talking to Rick! Please listen in and send us your feedback or join us down the road for a podcast episode. Just be ready because Rick will already know everything you‘ve ever said on the subject and that’s fine by us. 

All three of us agreed this is  one of the best episodes there is. As the show points out it isn’t right to separate others for being different, but you can‘t help place this one high on the shelf of meaningful stories. Enjoy! 

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