Colonization of Mars is not only possible in the most recent episode of the Twilight Zone, “Six Degrees of Freedom,” it is also imperative now that the human race is on the brink of self-extinction. Global warming is just the spark igniting humans to start colonizing nearby worlds, but nuclear holocaust just before launch raises the stakes, to put it lightly. Deep space travel is stressful enough, but literally with the survival of the human race weighing down this crew heavier than their artificial gravity supplied by the Talking Tina onboard computer system it is no wonder some crew begin to crack. Is Pierson right? Is their voyage just an elaborate hoax to test them.

Robert and Darrell discuss the latest Twilight Zone Episode, “Six Degrees of Freedom.” Join us as we talk about the TZ putting the science back in science fiction. Co-writer Glen Morgan wasn’t kidding when he was interviewed and he talked about much of this season will be about characters choosing who they believe in and therefore the audience has to do the same thing. What do you believe happened in this episode? Did the crew make it to Mars? Did Pierson live in the end? I bet the on-board “Talking Tina” knows.

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