Are we dreaming, or did we just experience the best episode of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone to date?  Starring Morena Baccarin, “Downtime” had us cozied up to our screens and enjoying an episode that felt in many ways like an episode of Serling’s classic series.  Is it possible for a computer avatar to have an existential crisis?  Should such a character be given free will and the right to live even if her real-world human is deceased? This one gave us plenty to consider.

“Downtime” had Robert and Darrell flip-flopping our ratings from last week. Where Darrell found it still a pretty good episode, Robert thinks it might be the best episode of the series so far. Check out our discussion that includes a Bemis report, quite a few thoughts from the Eye of the Beholder, excellent pairings from classic episodes to pull together your homework assignment, and a who’s who of notable movies from Whipple’s Brain Center to enjoy if you like exploring dream-consciousness Fiction. As always, listener feedback connects us to you even better than just listening to us, so please drop us a line of print or a voicemail, and join the conversation!

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