We have been saying for a while now that, for the most part, Debris just keeps getting better and better every week, and “Do You Know Icarus?” is no exception! What an episode! What an episode! What an episode! (See what we did there?) We get phenomenal performances from so many of our cast members such as Jonathan Tucker, Riann Steele, Norbert Leo Butz, and especially Jennifer Copping (in an absolutely heartbreaking scene), and Joel Wyman delivers on the Fringe references this week, especially in regards to the fan favorite episode “White Tulip”! (This is the second time so far this season that Joel has given us an obvious reference to that episode, so is he just innocently paying homage to a beloved episode, or is there more to it than that?) “Do You Know Icarus?” employs a clever and playful storytelling tactic to flesh out and develop our characters as well as reward fans who have been paying attention to little details, and we can’t wait to see how this arc gets resolved next week. Will Bryan be able to get back home, and if so, will this debris cause any lasting repercussions on reality? We also cannot wait to hear what our Nachos have to say, so be sure to connect with us and leave your feedback about this episode of Debris!

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