With this being such a phenomenal episode of Debris, it’s absolutely no surprise that we received the most amount of listener feedback this week than we have gotten so far this season! (We thought that our plate of nachos last week was full, but it was even fuller this week!) Our plate this week consisted of Nachos like Jacob, Brian (The Christmas Guy from New Hampsha), Wayne, Geoff (xforce11), John, Kome, Barb, Bradley, Brian (Zeppelin Driver), Emily (Soggy Nacho), and Patty from Canadia, and we also heard from several of you via our social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook! Nachos, as always, bring some fantastic material to the table such as the potential scientific significance of the colors in the episode, how many of you got Groundhog Day and Fringe (namely “White Tulip”) vibes from this episode, how so many of you loved the fantastic montage of reality being reset with Bryan having different partners, and, of course, how you felt about the heartbreaking scene between Maddox and Julia. There is absolutely fantastic stuff all around, and we can’t thank our Nachos enough for being a part of the Debris journey with us!

Do you think that Shelby resetting reality so many times is going to have permanent impacts on the rest of the series?

  • Yes (67%, 2 Votes)
  • No (33%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 3

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