Now, look: Blake and JJ have recently been doing a lot of reviews and bracket battles, which are great, but, it’s about time they changed it up a bit by talking about something new. They’re taking a shot at something far more different and new: Disney-themed Would You Rather! This week, JJ has come prepared with 20 Would You Rather questions, all based around Disney. These questions are based on Disney films, Star Wars, the Disneyland parks, and Disney food! We also discuss some of what we’ve done Disney lately, before jumping into the questions, which involve some Star Wars and Moon Knight. Now, here’s a warm-up for you: would you rather continue reading these show notes, or press that play button and jump into some Disney-filled fun!

What would you rather do? Do you think we had some unfair answers or reasoning? Let us know, and connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you!

If you would like to see the full list of questions, we got them available to you right here!

Visit Wonderland or Neverland?
Go sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow or watch the floating lights with Rapunzel?
Fly the Millennium Falcon or Slave I?
Be trained a Sith or a Jedi?
Ride in a podrace on Tatooine or ride a speeder bike on Endor?
Watch the Star Wars prequels or sequels?
Han Solo or Indiana Jones?
Have Tow Mater as your best friend or Mike Wazowski?

Front of line pass all day at Disneyland or dinner reservations for 6 at Club 33?
Visit every Disney park or be featured as an extra in a Disney film?
Go to Disneyland during Halloween or Christmas time?
Spend a day at Disneyland in the pouring rain or 100-degree heat?
Get stuck on It’s a Small World for 30 minutes with the song on loop or stuck on Mr. Toad’s Wild ride in the hell room for 20 minutes?
Travel back in time to 1955 and visit Disneyland on opening day or travel forward in time to 2055 and see what Disneyland will be like then?
Ride Splash Mountain front seat on a cold day or stand in the Autopia line for an hour on a 100-degree day?
Be a cat or a duck at Disneyland?
Tower of Terror or Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout?

Dole Whip or Churro?
Dine at Carthay Circle or the Blue Bayou Lagoon?
Hot Starbucks on a cold day or ice cream cone on a hot day?

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