Easter eggs are all over Disney movies and parks, and there are so many to uncover! Even if you are a big Disney fan, I bet there are still some hidden secrets you might not know.

In this episode, Jeremiah and Rachel have a very special guest who loves Disney and all of its hidden treasures. Kristen (Jeremiah and Rachel’s daughter) joined to discuss some of the Easter eggs she uncovered in a few of the animated movies and wanted to share her findings.

Kristen has been researching these for some time now, and was excited to provide some for the listeners. You will definitely hear her passion for this come through in this episode! And maybe you will hear ones you had not been previously aware of.
If there are hidden Disney items our listeners would like to share, we’d love to hear them! Kristen has an entire notebook of what she’s found, so we will likely do this subject again in the future.

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