Debris is here, and it’s going to change us all! It’s okay, though, because Debris Division has you covered! Join us – Darrell and Chris – as we break down the trailer for Debris, the new sci-fi series coming to NBC. The series – starring Riann Steele as MI6 agent Finola Jones and Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi – comes from Joel Wyman, one of the creative minds that brought us Fringe (2008-2013); Debris has already garnered comparisons to Fringe just from its trailer, and as avid fans of Fringe (Darrell, in fact, even hosted The Fringe Podcast), neither of us could possibly be more excited about that!

We talk about said comparisons and make predictions based on what we see in the trailer, and we also give some background information about some of the members of the creative team behind Debris. In addition, you will learn a little bit about us and our backgrounds and how you can contact us in order for your voice to be heard on the podcast! Be sure to tune in to the Debris series premiere on March 1st on NBC and/or stream it on Peacock the next day!

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Syfy Wire – “Debris Showrunner J.H. Wyman on Fringe Follow Up and Bringing Hope to TV”

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