ARROW_Green-ArrowDC is taking over tv! Do you have a favorite? First there was Oliver Queen. A wealthy playboy whose life was changed forever when his yacht sank and he was marooned on an Island in the South China Sea. His father gave his own life to save him. Robert Queen left his Son with a mission. He must survive, get off the Island and return home to Starling City. He gave Oliver a list of people that must be dealt with to stop the corruption. In four seasons we have witnessed an evolution. Oliver Queen has gone from a playboy to the Green Arrow. All of this under the watchful eye of Greg Berlanti

Soon after The Arrow the same creator had a young man named Barry Allen racing into our hearts. When the particle accelerator invented by Harrison Wells exploded something extraordinary happened. Some of the residents of Central City started experiencing special abilities, including Central City’s Forensic Scientist Barry Allen. When some of these Metahumans began to commit crimes the Police needed backup. Barry used his newfound abilities to fight others like him now that he was “The Fastest Man Alive”. With the help of his team which consisted Harrison, Caitlin and Cisco, Barry honed his skills to become The Flash.

flash4The Flash is a very different show from Arrow. Oliver is dark and brooding. The cinematography used in Arrow is dark and slick. They spend a lot of time in a dim basement. Day never seems to dawn in Star City. On the other hand Central City is light and filled with color. It reminds me of everyday America where people hang out in coffee shops and go to work at the paper or police station. The Flash and his team do hang out in Star Labs but it is a brighter and more inviting place. Barry is a fun loving upbeat Superhero.
Greg Berlanti soon decided that he couldn’t let the boys have all the fun. In October 2015 Supergirl flew on to the tv screen. Kara was simply an assistant at Catco Incorporated when an accident threatened the life of her sister. So Kara had to show the world what she was really made of. In between grabbing lattes for Cat Grant Kara saved National City from escaped convicts. These were not average criminals. They were Aliens from across the galaxy that were set free when their prison crashed on Earth. Kara was originally sent to this planet to protect her cousin. However an unexpected layover in the Phantom Zone caused Clark to have to grow up without her. He turned out alright though. You might know him as The Man of Steel.

supergirlIf your television schedule is packed and you need more time You might want to find yourself a time travel ship because this next show will be legendary. Built with characters we met on Flash and Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow premiered in January 2016. The team was built with each person’s special skills in mind. There are the criminals Captain Cold and Heat Wave. They steal stuff. There are Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They were imbued with magic in ancient Egypt that made them reincarnate. There is The Atom, a technology genius. Professor Stein is a scientific marvel and half of Firestorm. Jefferson Jax is a great mechanic and the other half of Firestorm. Last but not least Sara Lance, The White Canary. She was trained by The League of Assassins and resurrected in the Lazarus pit. She is full of bloodlust and willing to fight anyone who gets in their way.

The person in their way is an evil immortal tyrant named Vandal
Savage. In 2166 Vandal Savage killed the wife and son of Time Master Rip Hunter. It is the Time Masters solemn duty to protect the timeline at all costs. Totally lost without his family, Rip had other plans. He assembled this team in the hope of stopping Vandal Savage in the past before he has a chance to commit the crime that changed his life forever.

These four shows are all amazing. They have some common themes. They all stress the importance of working as a team. No Superhero can save their city all alone. I love how Oliver Queen started in the dark as a masked vigilante and now serves in the light as the Green Arrow. Currently on Arrow our heroes are up against magic an obstacle that has not been explored before. I love that Barry and Kara are still learning what it means to be Heroes and their innocence shows through. Flash and Supergirl are more lighthearted and provide laughs every week. I notice moral concepts such as forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance being explored on Supergirl each week. Legends is the new show on the block and is quickly finding its stride. Each week we explore a new time period and learn new consequences of messing with time.

You can spend most of your week watching the characters created in DC comic books come alive on your tv screen. Spend Monday 8/7c with Supergirl on CBS and download the Maid of Steel podcast. Speed on to Tuesday with the Flash 8/7c on CW and check out Central City Underground. Don’t fail to tune into Arrow on Wednesday 8/7c and join Arrow Squad. Then if you have the time check out Legends of Tomorrow Thursday at 8/7c and listen to Tomorrow’s Legends. Four great shows and great podcasts to go with them. Greg Berlanti brings lots of great entertainment into our living rooms. Golden Spiral Media’s wonderful hosts compliment these shows with AWESOME podcasts. Which show is the best? That is up to you to decide.


Which Greg Berlanti Show Do You Like Best?

  • Flash (42%, 21 Votes)
  • Arrow (24%, 12 Votes)
  • All of the Above (20%, 10 Votes)
  • Supergirl (10%, 5 Votes)
  • Legends of Tomorrow (4%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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