Welcome back to ‘Don’t Blink’, the podcast that brings you Doctor Who, Sea devils, a pirate queen, floating pirate ships, and really awkward scenes of immortals gently ripping apart the hearts of companions. Thanks once again faithful listeners. We know these long stretches of months that often separate seasons can be tedious. Fear not, we have returned to review the 2022 Easter special “Legend of the Sea Devils”.

Well this is it folks, the penultimate episode of the Whittaker/Chibnal era. While it seems that the obvious and logical way to go would be to cram as much resolution as possible into this one episode. That is not what happened. Instead we are given a middling story with poorly fleshed out historical characters and Sea devils. Don’t get me wrong, the story makes for an entertaining pseudo historical with great visuals and interesting plot threads, but somehow it misses the mark slightly. Possibly suffering from it’s placement after season 13, “Legend of the Sea Devils” is an average episode at best. It’s heretical omission of information concerning the historical figure of Madame Ching, feels like a hugely missed opportunity to inform the public of the greatest pirate ever! If you were not aware of the Sea Devils, this episode did nothing to help. That being said, it was far from the worst we have seen on this show. I believe most viewers were expecting a resolution to The Fluxx or a setup for the next regeneration. Thats par for the course for most Whovians. We wait for abnormally long periods of time and seldom get what we imagined.

Our story begins in 1807 and the place is a small fishing village in what is now modern-day China. The pirate queen Madame Ching unwittingly unleashes an ancient Sea Devil from it’s imprisonment in a giant statue. As the Doctor and Fam arrive, four centuries off the mark, a swashbuckling adventure ensues that will end in one of the Tardis crew being changed forever.

Join us as we discuss this 2022 Easter special with Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who. As usual, Wayne and Jada review what they liked and didn’t like about the episode, they discuss listener feedback and go over unanswered questions and share fan theories. Remember, don’t blink, don’t even blink.

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