Welcome survivors. In this penultimate episode of season 13, The Doctor confronts her adopted mother while standing between universes. In the year 1904, after spending 3 years in the past, Yaz, Dan and professor Jericho travel the world looking for signs of when and where the final battle for the Earth will take place.

In this fifth chapter of the Flux series for Doctor Who, Chibnal and crew continue to weave an intriguing and fast paced story that both adds to the grand mythos of the Doctor and challenges everything we (and the Doctor) know of her life. Spanning from 1904 to the edge of the universe and beyond, this story sets up the final chapter in Chibnal’s controversial run.

Join us as we discus this episode. As usual, Wayne and Jada review what they liked and didn’t like about the episode, they discuss listener feedback and go over unanswered questions and share fan theories. Remember, don’t blink, mustn’t blink.

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