Doctor Who continues it’s frantic pace as this week we are taken on a wild trip through time and across the universe. From the fairytale-like story of Bel, to the mundane trappings of Yaz’s former life. This chaotic story leaves no doubt that something big is going down and the Doctor is at the heart of it all. We are introduced to Bel, a lone fighter who is making her way across space on the greatest mission of all, Love. Along the way she encounters Cybermen, Daleks, and a swiftly dying universe. We slide back and forth through multiple timelines and discover some more details of the Doctor’s previous life. Vindor’s shame and connection to Bel is revealed. As if that wasn’t enough, we also see the purpose of Passenger and get a surprise scene or two from Jo Martin, the Ruth Doctor! And Just when things couldn’t get any wilder, the Weeping Angels take control of the TARDIS.

Join us as we discus this mid-season roller-coaster of an episode. As usual, Wayne and Jada review what they liked and didn’t like about the episode, they discuss listener feedback and go over unanswered questions and share fan theories. Remember, don’t blink, mustn’t blink.

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