Did you hear the one about the Eternals and the crashing planets? No? Well you are in luck! This week you can hear us discuss this weeks episode of “Doctor Who” titled “Can You Hear Me?’ In this seventh episode of season 12, the Doctor and Fam explore fear and what it means to them. Along the way they will question what the future holds, battle alien werewolves, and meet new ancient adversaries!

“Can You Hear Me?” is a perfectly paced, well written, and beautiful character examination of the Doctor and her friends. The story begins when our favorite group of space and time faring friends try to take some time and reconnect with home. It’s a lot easier said than done. each member of the party finds that they feel slightly out of place at home. As if that weren’t bad enough, strange things seem to be happening to them in what should be normal situations. Graham is playing cards with friends when he has a vision of a woman in distress. Yaz has strange and disturbing dreams only to find that when she wakes up, there is a strange and mysterious man in her room that quickly dissolves into thin air. Ryan finds his best mate in an attempt to reconnect. He soon discovers that things aren’t quite right here either. Somehow, all this ties into the strange alien werewolves the Doctor is investigating in 1380 Syria!

As Wayne and Jada review what they liked and didn’t like about the episode, they also discuss listener feedback and go over unanswered questions and share fan theories. Remember, don’t blink, don’t even blink.

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