Welcome once again to the Don’t Blink Podcast. This week it’s all about plastic! Yup that’s the theme of “Praxeus”, the sixth episode of season 12 of “Doctor Who” In this episode of our favorite sci-fi drama/romp/soap opera, the Doctor and friends encounter a ticking time bomb of an ecological terror that possibly resides in us all. Plastic!

The story of Praxeus opens with our team of heroes spread across the world trying to solve a series of seemingly unrelated mysteries. From missing astronauts to disgruntled rent-a-cops and travel bloggers, this episode explores the dangers of our wasteful society. It aslo explores the joys of traveling with friends, and what not to do when creating and underwater world made of nearly sentient plastic. We also learn the pains of being married to someone who is just so impressive.

Of course, as it turns out, Praxeus is an alien virus that inhibits plastic (No, not the Autons). Earth is being used as a test lab run by aliens in order to discover a cure to the Praxeus virus and save the remainder of their race. With the help of a travel vlogger, a missing astronaut and his husband, some crows, and one beach scientist assistant, the Fam solve yet another mystery even if no one knew it needed to be solved. The mystery of the plastic within.

As Wayne and Jada review what they liked and didn’t like about the episode, they also discuss listener feedback and go over unanswered questions and share fan theories. Remember, don’t blink, don’t even blink.

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