Welcome to the TARDIS! This week on “Don’t Blink”, we discuss the season 11 episode 4 of Doctor Who called “Arachnids in the U.K.” This year the Doctor Who crew continues to delivery on the promise of something new and different. This wonderful spooky story, that’s just in time for Halloween, tells a tale of giant spiders and megalomaniacal businessmen. Yet it also shows us the truer nature of this incarnation of the Doctor. She is a doctor who cares.

The story starts with introducing Jack Robertson, a business mogul as slimy as they come. Right off the bat he fires a woman who we will soon come to find out is Yaz’s mom. Through a series of scenes, we find our TARDIS Team finally back home. After some tea at Yaz’s flat and a few ghost images of Grace (rest her soul), the team are hot on the trail of the mystery of the giant spiders.

What ensues next is an excellent example of character development and storytelling. With the Doctor advocating for life, the Friends making poignant decisions about the future, and the obvious commentary on the currently corrupt American political landscape, Chibnall and crew have truly delivered us yet another reason why this show is the greatest!

Join us as we discuss all this and more!