Last year Storybrooke  was frozen over.  The Snow Queen came and caused  havoc all over town.  She cast the spell of shattered sight.  The spell caused all the residents to see the worst in each other.  Everyone wanted a happy ending and the Snow Queen was no exception.   She thought that happiness would come by forcing Emma and Elsa to re-create the family she had lost.  Emma showed mercy on the Snow Queen.  In the end the Snow Queen was redeemed.  She realized that she was not meant to build a new family. In the ultimate sacrifice her happy ending was found. She was reunited with her sisters.  Upon the Snow Queen’s death the spell is broken and peace was returned to the town.

Rumpelstiltskin faced his old battle between love and power.  When he chose to marry Belle I thought love had finally won.  However, it seemed that all Rumpelstiltskin knew was manipulation and deceit.  He wanted to release himself from the bonds of the Dark One’s dagger.  He chose more power over his wife.  When Belle discovered she was deceived she used the dagger to push Rumpelstiltskin over the town line.  Storybooke’s  border is magical.  Once you cross it you can never return.

Rumpelstiltskin’s story is based on love and lies.  Regina’s story is based on love and honor.  Regina once was The Evil Queen. Then she became a hero. She loved Robin Hood with all her heart but she respected his marriage.  Rumpelstiltskin said that “villains don’t get happy endings unless they steal them”.  Regina sacrificed her own happiness to ensure that Robin Hood’s family stayed together.  If only she could find the author of the Henry’s magical book! Maybe then the author could write her a happy ending! She deserves it!  She once cursed this town but since then she has done many things to help it.  I think Emma joining Henry’s mission, Operation Mongoose, to find the author will strengthen the team.

Peace never lasts  long in Storybrooke, darkness is coming.  Does Rumpelstiltskin have friends in the land without magic?  Will he find a magical loophole and come home again?  Will Operation Mongoose be successful?  Will Regina get a happy ending?  Will Scarlet got happy ending in Wonderland so what is he doing here in Storybrooke?

The wait is almost over.  Once Upon a Time returns March 1st at 8/7c on ABC.  Then join Trina and Addy on Beyond Storybrooke so we can all discuss it.

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