In this episode of the dadhacker Podcast we discuss how to make mundane tasks into fun adventures, why we’re willing to give George Lucas more of our hard earned money just to see our kids smile, how to cook a hot dog with a car sun shade, and more!

A Passport To Adventure- Clint tells the story of an unexpected trip to renew his passport with a sick son. This trip very easily could have been a difficult and frustrating experience, but a proper attitude, preparing his son’s expectations, and looking for teachable moments help turn the trip into a great father/son experience.

We also share a recent article we discovered that gives great tips on how to easily teach your kids to swing on a swingset all by themselves. (Article Link) We wrap up the episode with a really creative and effective way to cook hot dogs or other food with a car windshield sun shade and some velcro strips. (Article Link)

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